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Twitter is The Game Changer

Twitter is The Game Changer

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Are you a fan of those little birds tweeting around, like anybody else is? If yes then hold tight because the thing that you are going to be explained today isjust that sweet!

Twitter!, a kind of microblogging platform that permits you to send and receive short posts that they call as tweets. They might sound pretty broad however they are restricted to 140 characters. But they do allow you to include links to relatable resources and websites.

Like any other social media site including Facebook, your account has a timeline. And if you happen to follow someone then you are able to see what they tweet daily on your timeline. Now it solely depends upon you! All you have to do is to follow people as per you interests and demands and you get the desired content before you.

Twitter gives you a chance to share your thoughts wrapped in tweets too. People who follow you will see your tweets on their timelines as you do. If you are not in the mood of coming up with new ideas and tweeting them. Then you get an option of retweeting where you share other people’s tweets that called retweeting to be exact.

After its invention it started to get a whole lot of public attention. Now it has fixed it’s importance for students, politicians, policymakers and the overall general public. Despite enjoying so much of audience many people still find it hard to use and prefer other sites like Instagram. Because they consider them much more comfortable. But this surely doesn’t mean that twitter outdated now because the snappy nature of tweets clearly highlights the wide use of smart phones and youngster’s involvement in it who actually don’t want to read long content!

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There are literally endless options for you to give a try on twitter. You can easily promote your research like providing links to your journal articles, for example. From reaching a large number by tweeting and retweeting to following the pro of your field there are really tons of opportunities. You can build relationships and have good communications with the experts in your area of interests.

Being an active member of the twitter community you can keep yourself right up to the minute and share the latest news and updates almost instantly! From reaching new audience to seeking feedback related to the work you do and give feedback to others, you can do whatever you want. It allows you to follow and contribute in discussions on related issues and events going on but most importantly it enables you to express the world, who you really are!

Ok, we all have an idea by now that twitter happens to be one of the main social media websites but did you know that launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, it now has over a 100 million daily users with over 500 million tweets sent and received daily?

It is surely not difficult to prove that twitter has both unlimited and countless potential. At just the drop of a hat, it can make your friend in Thailand feel like your neighbour or your friend next door. It solely depends upon you, you might want to fill your feed with news sites, superstars, comedians, professional or simply remain in a “just friends” zone. Thus enabling everyone of it’s users to curate content as per their personal desires and demands, I think it is not wrong to say that twitter is nothing but a sweet addiction to its regular users.

Twitter for marketers

If you happen to be a social media marketer then twitter can prove to be a charm to you because you can use it to advertise your very products and services but yes, remember to do it sparingly. You know the thing which benefits a marketer the most over here is their feature of retweeting. If your client leaves you a nice review or any of your product users leaves a good comment, you can retweet that to increase your publicity and support your reliability.

Like any other social media marketing strategy your core aim should also be attracting your target audience by adopting techniques to come up with quality content and growing your brand awareness. Alternatively, if your customer unhappy with the product you brought on board for them, then you can reach out to them for troubleshooting via twitter.

After knowing this much if you still don’t consider being a part of this funky sweet twitter world then you are certainly permitting yourself to left behind. What’s holding you back, it literally takes a second.