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Why Surveillance Cameras in Nursing Homes are Necessary?

Surveillance cameras in nursing

Providing amicable care to the elderly isn’t an easy task as such. You will require spending all your time responding to their requests throughout. But what about individuals or family members stuck in busy schedules? How do you accomplish your duties as well as look after your loved one? Right, nursing home facilities provide a helping hand in such situations. They provide specialized care to people who can’t support themselves physically, especially the elderly. But do you get concerned about the people who provide the services? Herein, we present an article to enlighten readers about the surveillance cameras in the nursing facilities

Why Surveillance Cameras in Nursing Homes are Necessary?

People are quite different, and our characters aren’t the same at all. Once you administer your loved one to a nursing home, there are several crucial things to mind. The kind of service and treatment of your loved one is the topmost of all. Are the caregivers genuine? And, how often will you visit the facility to observe the well-being of your person?

Now, on quite several occasions, we have received a lot of complaints from nursing facilities. Mistreatment and harassing older people have gone viral. Administrators have tried to get such issues solved, but all in vain. Such happenings are life-threatening, and they need fast solutions.

Putting into test the idea of a camera for nursing home was the first approach authorities thought about to reduce these cases. However, not all people or administrators support this measure. Others complain of the violation of the privacy of the roommates and workers in these facilities. All in all, this was and remained the best methodology to curb this problem. 

Types of Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Facilities

There exist different forms of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Let’s discuss a few of these forms to get you close to why security cameras are of great importance in these facilities.

Physical Abuse

We have several forms of physical abuse cases in nursing facilities. The intentional harm by caregivers to the residents is one of the forms of physical abuse. Such cases involve kicking, hitting, punching, and even slapping the residents for no reason. 

Consequently, most people in nursing homes get prescribed particular medications. Withholding or avoiding providing a resident medication is another form of physical abuse. Such cases happen, and family members need to visit their loved ones regularly.

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Emotional Abuse 

Indeed emotional abuse emerges as another troublesome form of abuse residents experience in nursing homes. Detecting physical abuse is easy, unlike emotional abuse. First, there are no signs that can prove emotional abuse. 

However, family members can deduce their loved one is emotionally abused by noting a few things. For instance, if you note any form of anxiety, then probably your mind about getting deeper to question caregivers. Other signs that signify emotional abuse include fear, and to some extent, anguish. Emotional abuse comes from whenever the residents get insulted, threatened, or even intimidated by the caregivers.

Sexual Abuse

Lastly, there are few reported cases of caregivers having non-consensual sex with the residents. Not necessarily this be the real or actual sexual intercourse act, but they can do it differently. Maybe making unwanted touches, sodomy, taking snaps of the elderly when changing attires, and many others. 

Ways to Prevent Elderly Abuse

Administrators and authorities have done their role to reduce cases of elderly abuse in nursing facilities. However, we still record several such cases all year round. We can compare the rate of elderly abuse to child abuse rampant a couple of years back. Putting more resources to deal with such issues is the solution we have. Otherwise, the problem might rise more in the coming years. 

Up to date, we have no efficacy in employing surveillance cameras to detect or prevent these problems. The cameras alone sounded like a good approach, but they have ruined the quality of these facilities. Nowadays, the residents themselves report issues of their privacy being violated using these cameras. However, we hope that researchers will soon develop an amicable solution to elderly abuse in nursing homes.

The Role of Nursing Home Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras serve several roles in nursing homes. Among the roles they play include;

Monitoring Residents 

Mainly, authorities approved security cameras in these facilities to satisfy families with members in these facilities. Surveillance cameras are of importance to those who suspect neglect or abuse of their loved ones. These devices enable them to keep an eye on the facility’s care providers at all times. 

Remember, you can keep watch of your loved one from anyplace and anytime. Consequently, will they help family members to monitor the techniques employed to provide services. This gives you immense peace of mind that your loved one is in special and caring hands. 

Safeguards the Properties of the Nursing Facility

Apart from the monitoring service above, these devices safeguard the property of the nursing home facility. Remember, these facilities have special tools and gadgets used for the daily service provision routine. The tools cost highly, and intruders can admire them.

As security providing devices, they will monitor entry as well as exit of people to the facility. Administrators set them in strategic points to trace people who might have got off with the facility assets

They Provide Evidence Whenever Required

In nursing facilities, a lot of life-threatening things take place. When a loved one is involved in such scenes, family members can follow the law for compensation purposes. Surveillance cameras record happenings that lawmakers employ when handling cases involving crimes in these facilities. They record and safeguard information for future use for evidence purposes. 


Nursing homes serve a significant purpose in the society we live in. They provide our loved ones special care on our behalf. However, since there are wrongful happenings in these facilities, we should safeguard our people’s well-being.

Surveillance cameras in nursing facilities provide family members to monitor their loved ones from any part. Likewise, these cameras help administrators monitor their property as well the work of their employees. 

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