cPanel Price Increase: Choose Best Option Before cPanel Licenses Price Update

We all are pretty much aware of the cPanel uses and requirements. The changes are coming at the price done by Oakley capital who opt cPanel last year. Of all the changes, the important one was the price increase that people were expecting. But they were not aware that it would be so drastic. cPanel has announced the increased price. And a whole new billing model by adding a new layer of billing per account.

While the increase was expected to be small, Microsoft is the one who increased its prices by 10-15% over the past few years and the customers endured without any problems. But no one ever believed that the average price to get just 100% or doubled the cPanel Licenses pricing.

In spite of all these, with the change in the price model. There are a number of users and businesses who were forced to reevaluate their entire business model and look at a 20x price increase.

Customers must know all changes within two months because in September new prices will affect your panel.

For explaining it in the easiest way possible let’s take an example before the new increased price. They were paying $200 per year direct to the cPanel for an unlimited account on a virtualized cloud. According to the new pricing model, the price of new cPanel licenses is now $45 per month. And this price is limited to only 100 accounts.

For an additional account, you have to pay an extra payment of $0.20 for each month. So now with the increased prices, if the company is having 1400 accounts on their cloud instance then their monthly pricing is $45 + (0.20×1300) which is equal to $305 per month. So there is a drastic increase in price from $200 to $3600 per year for the rest of their life.

The Options to Deal with cPanel License Price Update

There are some companies that cannot afford the increased price packages. And that is the reason why they start looking for alternatives to cPanel. Here we will give you several ways by which you can deal with these increased cPanel prices by following some steps :

  1. Go for another panel service rather than cPanel.
  2. Opt for a cPanel partner with lower cPanel pricing
  3. You can adjust your business model or its pricing as required

Go for another panel service rather than cPanel.

Cheap cPanel Licenses

This option seems a little bit harder than it actually is but only if you choose the right option. There are several options in the marketplace for the control panels and the top four are cPanels, Plesk, Interworx, and Direct Admin. In the market, these four control panels are running and they all provide the same things to the users. The advantages and disadvantages of having them each for use are given below.


If you want an unbiased opinion, we would not recommend switching to Plesk. The reason you are switching from cPanel is that it is now acquired by Oakley capital which increased its pricing. You’ll be shocked when I’ll answer who owns Plesk. The answer is Oakley Capital. Switching from cPanel to Plesk because of the business practices of Oakley is a worthless task and a waste of time as well as money.

Direct Admin

DirectAdmin as compared to cPanel offers numerous benefits in which the best one is pricing. They provide services with fixed pricing that is $29 for a month and $200 for a year that contains unlimited domain support and accounts. It is the only control panel that promises “protection against price increases.” On top of that, it’s light in weight which makes it easy to install and simpler and leaner in common.

The only negative thing about DirectAdmin is that it doesn’t offer any perks and integrations like cPanel and the interface too is not so pretty as well. The integrations supported by DirectAdmin are very limited but it supports WHMCS. Within the given time limit when the pricing increases, it could be hard to transfer from cPanel to DirectAdmin as there are no complete tools for migration.

Interworx is a cPanel Alternative

cPanel Licenses

The most-favorite control panel so far loved by people is Interworx. Interworx is a wholly different one and very modern as compared to cPanel as it provides greater benefits and functionality. A completely different interface that works even on cell phones. The interface given by them is almost similar to cPanel which also has Nodeworx and Siteworx, but a little more intuitive than them. The improved usability you get is due to the few features which help you in achieving what you want from it.

The additional command-line tools are there for doing things right and working on them will not lead to control panel damage. The structure is very clean and neat which means that it will be easy to upload and install and very few issues or problems to worry about.

Interworx works on all the major billing platforms like Clientxec, Ubersmith, Blesta, and Hostbill and the script installers including Softaculous and Simple Scripts as well. It also works on core server software like CloudLinux and Litespeed as well. But the best feature of the process is that it has a feature of shifting from cPanel to Interworx as an in-built one.

Shift to cPanel Partner NOC

The example shared at the beginning of the article has shown that the pricing of the cPanel Licenses is based on getting the licensing. There are different ways to buy cPanel Licenses. Server Wala is an authorized partner of cPanel that provides cPanel Licenses for the last 10 years and offers the best cheap cPanel License services to companies and businesses.

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The Step You have to Take Next

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