Famous IPad Magician in the world

I-Pad magic is the fusion between magic and technology which is now getting more popular among people. If you want something interesting in your parties or events you will call someone who is famous. You must have seen a lot of magicians before but you must be excited to see a digital illusionist. Well, who is the famous iPad magician in the world? Noel Qualter is the famous magician with 20 years of experience. He performs magic tricks worldwide. All acts of Noel Qualter are completely magical. He has always been obsessed with the technology. Noel has produced many bespoke digital magic stage shows for companies.lets have a look that why you should hire him

Why you should hire Noel Qualter – iPad magician?

If you want to hire an iPad magician your perfect choice should be Noel Qualter. You can hire him for any events like product launches, Wedding magician, trade shows, conferences, and award ceremonies. If you are looking for something eye-popping for your clients or something which amazes them than I pad magician Noel Qualter is the best choice for you.

1- 20 years of Experience:

Though the experienced professional is more reliable as compared to hiring someone who has no experience. Noel Qualter has been pushing boundaries of technology and magic fusion for the last 20 years. He picks his iPad and fuses the digital world with the real world. So hiring a person with experience is often the right choice. He will definitely make your event more beautiful and unique. His shows always involves a comprehensive audience participation including guest of all ages from children to adults.

2- Master of vanishing and production:

Noel Qualter by using the fusion of magic and technology he can easily vanish the objects from the phone and appear it on the spectators’ hands.noel creates and invents his magics of vanishing and production. You should not find any other iPad magician performing his magic tricks.

3- Stage iPad magician

Noel Qualter is a world-renowned iPad magician. He continues the high standard of both magic and production. If you want to hold people’s attention on your TV shows or exhibition so iPad magic is a perfect way to gather a big crowd. Hence he guarantees huge crowd. With Noel Qualter you can make your party or event truly memorable event of your life. He is an professional iPad magician and mentalist, who knows better how to rock the stage. Through his I-Pad magic he silently adds inspiration to people’s lives and which is the great thing that a magician can do.

4- Provides online magical shows:

Due to COVID-19 companies are organizing online conferences and events. People still want to get entertained so Noel Qualter has launched a new show called zoom magician. Where he provides an online show for virtual events. So you can now easily book an online magic show with a zoom magician. You can easily increase your brand’s name by organizing a online show with Noel Qualter. Your brand will become in front and centre of spotlight.

5- iPad magic in trade shows

Noel Qualter is becoming more popular due to the successes of his trade shows around the world. He has performed at every top venue in London and across many countries in the world. He has also performed two weeks long in the magic castle in Hollywood. he creates a world where the impossible becomes real. His performances have delighted worldwide audiences with a unique blend of things digital and magical.


In the nutshell, if you want to make your events interesting so you can hire worlds to top iPad and digital magician Noel Qualter. As he has been promising with digital technology and worked almost for 20 years. He has adapted expertise in the digital technology revolution. So if you want to deliver an important message and want to hold people’s attention you can hire noel Qualter for it. He has entertained millions across the globe with his unique magic. Many of the world’s most prestigious corporations have invited Noel Qualter to entertain their guest. He is always the best option for companies to mesmerize their events.

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