How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Google Photos?

If you are a user of Google Photos then you know that there is no direct and automatic way to clean duplicate photos from Google. However, there are different turn arounds that will help you to delete duplicates from the Google Photos duplicate easily.

You can remove the duplicate pictures by searching in Google Drive manually, but manually removing the duplicates from Google Drive will take lots of time and effort.

Here we will show you how you can get rid of duplicate photos and free up the space on the Google drive.

In the following parts, you will find 5 ways to help delete Google Photos auto backup duplicates.

1. Check twice before uploading the pictures and check after uploading the pictures

If the duplicates have the same date and time and they are uploaded at the same time then Google Drive will show you the pictures side by side. Now you can remove the duplicates.

From the duplicates you can check if one picture is edited or not by clicking of the Pencil icon.

Also, you can check the name of the album by clicking on the info icon. So that you can remove the duplicates from the album.

2. Google Photos Detect Duplicates – Search

You can sort the duplicates by upload date and then delete the pictures that you do not want.

3. Google Photos Delete Duplicates – Delete a Whole Folder/Album

If you know which folder contains duplicate files then you can remove the folder completely and then reupload the folder from your computer.

4. Remove Duplicates in Google Photos Manually

If there are not many duplicates uploaded on the Google Drive then you can remove the duplicates manually, however, if there are many duplicates then it will take lots of time to remove the duplicates manually.

Avoid uploading the duplicates in the first place.

1. Try to upload the fresh pictures and from a single location.

If you are starting to upload the pictures then make sure there are no duplicate images. Also, make sure that the pictures you are uploading are from a single location.

One of the main reasons for uploading duplicate pictures is that the users upload pictures from different locations like smart phones, desktop, laptops and other devices. Users copy files from different locations and when we upload files, the duplicates are created on Google Drive.

2. Upload Google Photos Manually

Instead of automatically uploading the pictures to Google Drive, manually upload the pictures to avoid uploading the duplicate pictures.

Use third party tools to remove the duplicates easily and automatically:

If you have many duplicates on your computer then you can remove them using a third party program to delete all the duplicates in a single click.

If you are using a third party program to remove the duplicates then you can download all the pictures from Google Drive and then use the duplicate remover program to remove the duplicates and then reupload the duplicates.

One of the best duplicate photo finder tools you can find is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

This simple program is available for: Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac, Android & iOS

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best duplicate photo finder tools that will help you to delete duplicate photos in Google Photos. This simple program will scan and delete duplicate pictures from your computer in a single click.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro helps you to scan and detect Exact duplicate pictures and similar pictures from your computer. Once you remove the duplicates you can upload the pictures to Google Drive.

You can use the program to detect and remove duplicate pictures from all of your devices. Once the duplicate pictures are removed from all your devices then you can upload them to Google Drive.

This program comes with a trial version so that you can test the program before purchasing it.

Features of this program:

Find and remove exact duplicates and similar duplicates.

Scanning for duplicates is very fast because of the advanced engine.

Auto Mark option that will help you to automatically mark the duplicates.

Comes in different languages.

You can preview the files before removing the duplicates.


Once the pictures are uploaded to Google Drive then it becomes a very time-consuming task for removing the duplicates from the Google Drive. Therefore, it is necessary and recommended to remove duplicates before uploading them to Google Drive.

You can remove the duplicates manually but manually removing them will take lots of time and effort. However, if you use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro then you will be able to remove the duplicates in a single click. This duplicate remover program will help you to remove exact duplicates pictures and similar pictures. This will save time and will help you to recover space on your computer.

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