display boxes, Display Your Products on Christmas Using Specially Designed Boxes

The custom display boxes are used for the effective display of valuable products in the retail market. They are highly eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, and do not affect the ecosystem. These packages promote your brand by showcasing the positive and ecological nature of your products. These are highly customizable and can be customized to various shapes, sizes, and styles with some effective techniques. They have reduced carbon footprint and do not produce toxic waste like plastics. They are very light in weight because the quantity of the required material for their production is quite less. Their lightweight does not mean that they are fragile. They are durable and sturdy structures that help ensure the complete protection of the products inside from all types of risks. Moreover, they are affordable to everyone and have a versatile nature. Their uniqueness enhances the items’ charm and beauty to impress the customers in the first look. 

Christmas is a great time for companies, irrespective of their size, to capitalize on the festive marketing fever. Many people in the market are looking for some amazing and beautiful display boxes to pack their gifts on this occasion. Your boxes need to stand out if you want to become successful in the fierce competition. For that purpose, you need to design them with some specifications. See the following design ideas, which will make your custom display packages more attractive and eye-catching.

1.  Use Christmas-Themed Colors:

Firstly, it is important to stick to the two main colors for your fascinating display boxes, which are seen everywhere on Christmas, i.e., red and green. Many people will tell you that restricting yourself to some basic colors is a cliché. While this might seem like a cliché technique, but it still works best. Christmas is celebrated in red and green all around the globe. You will see that all the Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments are decorated in these two colors. For your design to look more prominent, you can incorporate these Christmas-themed colors into your counter display boxes in a celebratory manner. This will send a message to the customers that you are celebrating this occasion with them. 

2.   Incorporate Christmas Characters:

There are a huge number of characters that you can incorporate into the design of your display boxes. For instance, you can incorporate the character of Santa, Frosty the snowman, Rudolph, etc. You can create custom pin badges of your selected characters to incorporate them into the display packages. You can also add these most loved characters to your Christmas display packages by featuring them as festive custom printed stickers. This is a great way to make potential clients happy, and they will love to buy products from you.

3.   Go Black and Gold:

If you do not want to restrict yourself to the green and red colors or think these colors would not be perfect for the branding of your Christmas products, you can always use a color scheme that suits all the products and bold. You can choose some black and golden color schemes. The combination of these two color themes provides your products with an elegant, luxurious, and more expensive look while staying true to Christmas’s styles and designs. If you think that black is not going well or gold does not quite tie-up, mix them up. The golden theme will also look great with snowy silvers, dark red, and dark green. 

4.   Upgrade Your Presentation:

The custom printed display boxes for Christmas should perfectly reflect the quality of the valuable products packed in them and appeal to them with their eye-catchy style. This will make the presentation of these boxes look more upgrade and updated. You can employ different printing methods ranging from flexography to lithography and spot UV. For instance, you can use spot UV to showcase certain aspects of your products. The look of flexible display boxes are not the only thing that matters, but the feel of these boxes to trigger emotions matters as well. To achieve this, you can choose from various finishing options such as matte, gloss, fragrance burst, etc.

5.   Adopt Sustainable Options:

It is equally important to look for sustainable options when designing your cosmetic display boxes for Christmas. You can use eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, corrugated stock, or Kraft stock to manufacture these kinds of packages. This will help you promote your brand and products as the eco-friendly packages will highlight your ecological nature by showing your positive side. These days, customers are very conscious of the environment, and they do not opt for products having non-biodegradable packaging due to their adverse impacts on the ecosystem. Many display boxes wholesale suppliers provide display packages that are 100% recyclable and reusable.

6.   Incorporate Animal Themes:

When you are selling products related to the Christmas theme, you should consider incorporating animal themes into your fascinating display boxes. For instance, the animals’ designs related to the story of Santa incorporated into your packaging will be more effective at assisting your Christmas products to stand out. Therefore, highly consider using the design of various animals associated with Christmas characters into your packaging, such as polar bears, reindeer, penguins, etc. This will make your display boxes stand out in the market, and customers will get instantly attracted to them. 

7.   Creative Printing Techniques:

Use some effective printing techniques while designing custom printed display boxes for Christmas. For instance, you can use printing techniques such as embossing to make a 3D effect on these boxes’ surface. The embossing printing technique will provide you with some effective visual appeals. This will make your packaging stand apart from all the other competitors in the market. On Christmas, you can assist your business to stand apart by embossing the brand name, logo, and message. This will also provide your products with a luxurious and premium feel. 

The custom boxes can be designed in an effective way to make a strong visual appeal on Christmas. You can incorporate Christmas-themed colors, i.e., red and green, into your packaging. You can also add some Christmas characters and animal themes related to these characters. These will make your design attractive and more appealing.

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