How to troubleshoot Norton Live Update Error

Norton antivirus is a top antivirus program that provides you various advanced security tools and features for better protection. Norton has various antivirus plans for different devices and requirements. When you Install Norton Product Key, you get the advanced features of Norton antivirus. Before purchasing Norton antivirus, check all the specifications like OS, processor, RAM, and hard disk and then purchase a compatible Norton antivirus program. 

Norton team provides regular updates to ensure that your Norton can fight easily detect and remove all the malware. Norton updates immediately fix all the patches so you can work on your device securely. But some people reported that their Norton Live Update is giving an error.

If you don’t update your antivirus then it will become vulnerable and malware can easily infect your device. If you seek any update related error then resolve it immediately.

Check the internet connection

Weak internet can be a problem for Norton updates. Check your internet connection before updating your antivirus. Sometimes Norton also shows issues when you are trying to install Norton on unsecured internet access. If your device is connected to a cellular data pack then also your Norton will not get auto-renewed.

You have to renew the Norton manually while using cellular data. If your device is connected to a Wi-Fi then place the device near to the router. Try connecting the device to the LAN cable. If your device is still showing the error then seek other solutions. 

Restart your device

Sometimes a runtime error occurs unexpectedly which can cause interruption on your updates. Restarting the device may fix the error automatically. After restarting the device, again try to run Norton Live Update. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Close all the programs
  2. Click on Windows button and click on shut down
  3. After shutting down the PC, wait for a minute
  4. Restart your device 
  5. Click on the Norton icon from the desktop
  6. Norton dashboard will appear on the screen
  7. Go to My Norton window
  8. Click on Device Security
  9. Click on Security
  10. Press the LiveUpdate button

Wait for completing the Norton LiveUpdate. Hit the Ok button. An update confirmation message will appear on the screen. Now close all programs and restart your device. If you are still getting the Norton Update error then ask the Norton team for help.

Update the PC drivers

Outdated drivers can also interrupt the driver updating process. PC drivers can also get corrupted easily. A simple error on the device can corrupt your PC drivers. Now the problem is finding the corrupted device driver is difficult. Manually finding the correct driver is not easy, if you mistakenly edit another driver then you may get into other issues.

Even if you find the correct device driver, you can only edit the driver when you are from a technical background. The best way for updating the device driver is by using a device driver tool. Download device driver tools and install them immediately on your device.

This tool will run on the device and check for all the outdated and corrupt device drivers. It will update all the outdated device drives and restore all the corruptions automatically. After updating the device drivers, restart your device and try to run Norton Live Update.

Check the System Junk

Your device accumulates lots of junk while working or surfing the internet. This junk eats up your disk space and can also engage Norton error 8504. But sometimes junk files can only create conflict with other running programs. Remove the system junk and then try to update Norton antivirus. Go to the search bar and type %temp% on the search bar.

Press the Enter button; Windows temporary files folder will appear on the screen. Select all the temporary files and press the delete button. Now open your web browser to remove the browser junk like history, cookies, caches, etc. Windows has a disk cleanup tool that can remove all the system junk.

Here are the steps for using the disk cleanup tool:

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Go to the search bar and type command
  3. Hold Shift and Ctrl buttons simultaneously
  4. Press the Enter button
  5. A permission box will appear
  6. Click on Yes button
  7. The command screen will appear on the screen

Type cleanmgr on the command prompt and press the Enter button. The Disk Cleanup tool will check for the junk files available on your device. A list of files will appear on the screen. Click on the files you want to delete. After removing the junk from your device; restart the PC. Again go to Norton’s dashboard and try to run LiveUpdate. If you are unable to troubleshoot your error then ask the Norton team for help.

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