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How to Resolve 0xc000012F Error on Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a reliable and robust operating system and has millions of active users. This OS is very simple and easy to work with. But there are a few errors that a user may face while using a Windows 10 device. One common error on Windows 10 is 0xc000012F. When the error 0x80070015 appears on the screen, the running program interrupts and the device may freeze. 

Top ways for resolving 0xc000012F Windows error:

Scan for viruses

The very common reason behind any error on the Windows device is the viruses. There are various types of malicious programs which can harm your computer. When the device shows you an error, you should scan your computer for viruses. You can use Windows Defender for scanning your Windows PC. If you have a personal antivirus then open its dashboard. Click on the System scan option and you have to wait for completing the process. Now restart your device and run a program to check whether your error gets fixed or not. 

Check for third-party/malicious programs

There are many programs that seem good but are harmful when used. People often install third-party games or editing applications on their devices.

These applications steal your information, spread malware, and can corrupt various functions. If you have any third-party program on your computer then uninstall it immediately.

Go to the Apps folder on your Windows 10 device and then check for all the malicious or third-party programs, If any program seems malicious then click on the uninstall button and remove it from the computer.  

Restore the corrupted Windows files

Error 0xc000012F can be displayed when your Windows files get corrupted. These files are very crucial for performing PC jobs. If the files are corrupted then repair all the corrupted files to fix the error. You can’t repair the files without technical knowledge. Windows has an inbuilt file scanner tool that can scan the corrupted files and repair them. You can use the File checker tool of Windows by following the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Start (Windows) button
  2. Go to the search bar and type run
  3. Press the Enter button
  4. A Windows run wizard will be displayed
  5. Now type cmd on the wizard and press the Enter button
  6. You may get a permission prompt on your screen
  7. Choose Confirm button

Windows command screen will be displayed. Type sfc/scannow on the black window (command screen) and press the Enter button from your keyboard. This tool will start running and searching for all the corrupted Windows files. The process may take some time. Wait for completing the file checker process and then restart your computer. Run a program on your Windows 10 device and check whether your error gets resolved or not. 

Update your OS

Some people also get this error message when their devices are running on an outdated OS. You must update your Windows 10 device regularly. Windows 10 provides new updates very often.

Whenever a new update appears on Windows, install it immediately. Click on the Windows icon on the desktop and go to the Setting option. Scroll down and click on Update & Security. Now hit the Start Now option button and your Windows 10 computer will start installing the latest update on your computer.

You have to wait for completing the update process and then restart the PC. Open the computer and run the program which is showing the error. If you are still getting Windows 0xc000012F error code, you should ask for technical help.

Undo the changes on your computer

Users can get a 0xc000012F error after changing some of the settings. People often make errors while editing the files. If you are getting the error after making changes on your device then you should undo the changes you have made.

Go to the settings again and revert all the changes immediately. In case you forget the changes which you have made on your computer then use the restore. Windows offers an inbuilt restore tool that can undo the changes on your device.

Type System Restore on the search bar of your Windows device and click on the result. The Windows restore tool will be displayed. Run the tool and provide a restoring point. Once you restore all the changes on your device then try to use the program which is showing the error.

Repair the broken registry files

If you are getting the Windows 0xc000012F error due to the broken registry files then you should repair the files instantly. You should be very careful while editing these files. Create a backup key before editing the registry files. Follow the mentioned steps for creating the backup key:

  1. Open the run wizard and type cmd
  2. Press the Enter button
  3. The command prompt will appear on the desktop

Type Regedit and press the Enter button. Now check for the error keys from the list and export them to the desktop. Edit the broken registry files and then check for the error. If you are unable to resolve the 0xc000012F error then ask the technical team for help.