Antimalware Service Executable has Stopped Working

You have started your Windows XP, and strangely a window has come up with a nice bold title “Antimalware service executable“. You have clicked not send and everything has stopped. Now only the arrow moves and you cannot click anything.

This error is given by the Microsoft Security Essentials service which stopped working due to the end of Windows XP support dated 8 April 2014. If you don’t know what it means I invite you to read THIS article.

Microsoft Security Essentials is an antivirus made available by Microsoft free of charge for PCs equipped with Windows. After April 8 the support for the Windows XP operating system has expired. Therefore the company of Bill Gates has made this software. That is available only for Windows owners 7 or newer versions.

In this guide I have written especially for you, you will find out how to solve this error. That prevents you from working or having fun in your spare time.

Antimalware Service Executable has Stopped Working

In order to solve this puzzle, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. First of all, you have to start the computer in safe mode. Since with the normal mode, you can’t combine anything because it freezes.
  2. You are now in safe mode, click on start and chased on run.
  3. Type the services.msc command
  4. A window will open, beware those are the services that Windows runs. You will have to look for a service called Microsoft antimalware service. (they are in alphabetical order).
  5. Right-click on the service, and select properties
  6. From the General tab, there will be a Startup type item. Open the dropdown and select Disabled, press Apply and OK.
  7. Reboot your computer normally
  8. You will probably be presented with the error once again, but after clicking doesn’t send. Your computer won’t freeze allowing you to work in peace.

Antimalware service executable – Important notice

Now your Microsoft Security Essentials will no longer work. So you will have to uninstall it and install a valid one. We at Geeksscan recommend that you install AVG. That is best among the free antivirus programs after Microsoft Security Essentials is the most suitable.


  • In this guide, you learned how to fix the Windows XP error “Antimalware service executable”
  • You learned to open the Windows services window

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