How to Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working?

How to Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working?

The email world has seen the rise of many companies now and then but only a few have managed to stay on top of the heap by providing superior features and services which are preferred by millions of users around the globe.

Roadrunner email is one of the most consistent and preferred emailing platforms across the globe. It offers a highly secure and stable communication service to its users. The webmail service offers Dynamic webmail capabilities, quick email processing, and unlimited storage among other perks.

But with the exceptional services that the roadrunner email offers, also come several issue and glitches that cause severe inconvenience to its users. The most common issue is the “my roadrunner email is not working” problem. This issue is widely experienced.

If you are one of those users who are having a hard time resolving this issue, worry not as we bring you some simple methods which can help you to fix your Roadrunner email login problems.

Before we begin let us look at some of the probable causes of this error.

  • A poor internet connection may prevent you from accessing your RR email account.
  • Entering the wrong login credentials can be one of the main reasons why you can’t access your email account.
  • Cache files and cookies may prevent your roadrunner email from working properly.
  • Using an old or outdated web browser version may create compatibility issues. Make sure to use the latest version web browser and operating system.
  • The device’s firewall or any antivirus software may prevent the mail service from working properly.
  • Make sure to check whether there’s enough RAM space or not, as that can be a potential reason for this error to occur.
  • Check to see if you have configured the settings correctly else it may also create the RR email login problems.
  • Make sure to check the status of the server every time before you try to login into your RR mail account.

Solutions to fix Roadrunner email not working error

Solution 1-Reset your RR email password

It is one of the most commonly occurring errors. Entering the wrong login credentials can very easily prevent you from logging in to your roadrunner mail account. In case you forget your login password, given below are some simple steps by which you can reset your password.

  • Visit the official RR mail page.
  • Click on the “I don’t know my email password” option and enter your email afterward.
  • Now, opt for the security verification option and write the answer in the given box.
  • After you answer the question, click on the “reset password” option.
  • Make sure to enter a strong 8-digit password.
  • Save the password if you’re not using a public computer.

Solution 2-Configure server settings on your phone (android).

Given below are some simple steps to configure the settings on android;

  • Open the email app on your phone.
  • Enter the necessary login credentials and hit next.
  • Select “POP3”; now enter your password again.
  • Hit next.
  • Fill the following details under the incoming server settings;
  • Mention you are correct email address.
  • Type your Roadrunner email password correctly.
  • Select the server; this may vary according to your location.
  • You may use port 110.
  • Select security type as none.
  • Now, click on next and provide the same detail for the outgoing server settings;
  • Click ok and move to other settings.
  • Select the duration up to which you want the message on your phone.
  • You have successfully set up your mail on your android device.

These basic solutions may help you to fix your RR email login problems. But if you still face any problems you can contact The Roadrunner help center.