3 Traits You Need In Your Security Officer

Running a business is not an easy task, primarily because there is a lot that you need to safeguard. While your IT teams ensure a robust security infrastructure to protect the data online and on servers, you need a reliable security team to protect your business’s physical assets. These assets include everything from the premises itself to all the equipment on that property. This is where a Security Officer company comes in.

It’s safe to say that every commercial setting requires trained security professionals to safeguard the place, halt potential disputes, and impede burglary attempts. So it’s established that you need a reliable security officer for your office, but what exactly makes a guard reliable? Well, the person needs to possess a few critical skills.

Here are three traits you should look for in a security guard while dealing with a security guard company:

Ability to de-escalate situations

Traits You Need In Your Security Officer

We cannot stress this enough – if your guard is not good with de-escalation tactics, he is not worth a shot because, for a majority of the time, his job would be to control critical situations without using violence, and certainly not ammunition.

This is why you need to make sure that the Security Officer company you take onboard offers guards who are trained to take down burglars and control potentially violent situations without going to extremes.


We’ve seen more often than not that people hire unfit guards and then complain about how the security officer wasn’t able to stop a potential fight or burglary. You need to make sure that the guards you hire are not only fit but are also agile and alert because no matter how good that guard is if he’s not attentive and agile all the time, there is a very good chance that you and your business may have to bear the cost for it. This is why, while looking for a Security Officer company make sure that the security officer you hire is alert and is quick on his feet, literally!


This may be difficult to judge right away, which is why you may listen to what your gut says. Having an honest guard can increase your overall security tenfold. For guards who have past working experience, you can take their previous employer’s report about how reliable and trustworthy the security guard was.

An honest guard will also help you improve the overall stature of security around your workplace. This increased reliability makes the person a valuable long-term asset of your business, which is yet another benefit of ensuring this trait prevails in your next security guard.

In a nutshell

You need to consider a lot of things while looking for a reliable security guard company and while hiring a security professional from that company. Ensuring the presence of the traits mentioned above will allow you to focus peacefully on other aspects of your business since you would know that your company’s physical assets are in good hands.

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