Configure & Restore Windows Profiles With A Single Click

Keep your work, gaming, and home profile separate and restore Windows profiles with a click. Imagine a typical day in the life of a multi-tasker working from home or at the office. They clock in at 9 am, glance at their to-do lists, and make a game plan for tackling their tasks one by one. They are motivated to follow through on their goals and begin the day with the mindset that nothing could go wrong.

Or could it?

The multi-tasker opens multiple browser tabs and applications to conduct detailed research into the top marketing strategies for 2021. At the same time, they are defining their brand voice, creating SMART goals, building custom buyer personas, setting ad spend, making a content calendar, and brainstorming the best approach. 

What if they are monitoring and measuring the performance of their strategies? This means they are using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search Console to keep a pulse on their efforts and ROI. With so much going on and deadlines around the corner, they cannot possibly afford any delays. 

Suddenly, technology picks a bad day to let them down. Let’s have a look at some potential problems or challenges they can run into:

  • “My browser tabs keep on crashing!”
  • “I’m using a lot of system RAM because of using browsers and unlimited tabs”.
  • “I just experienced an unscheduled restart and now I’ve lost track of what I was doing”.
  • “I cannot work efficiently and productively because I need to restart windows as it slowed down.
  • “I want to keep my personal and professional life private but my work keeps overlapping because I use one system”.
  • “I use multiple displays, and it’s hard for me to not be distracted. If only there was some way I could streamline my work experience”.

All these have one thing in common. They kill the ability to focus and lead to anxiety, frustration, and helplessness especially when one must get more done in less time. This is crucial especially if we consider how businesses around the world require teams to adapt, keep up with changing technology trends, and not fall back. For this reason, users often search for the best desktop productivity software or best productivity software application online. They come across many brands on the Internet, but none close comes to the all-in-one SmartWindows app. 

Why SmartWindows?

As a busy professional, you should be focusing on your work instead of dealing with IT-related issues. This is all the more important especially during these COVID-19 times when you are working from home. Almost everything comes to a grinding halt when you experience tech failure, and receiving immediate assistance from your IT department seems unlikely unless you are in the same building. With time ticking away, the panic finally sets in.

SmartWindows can change all this. It is an all-in-one solution which we refer to us the ultimate:

  • Profile Management Software
  • Best App For Productivity
  • Browser Crash Solution
  • Multiple Monitor Software
  • Application Restoration Solution

Let’s explore how it works as a profile management software for individual and enterprise users.

Configure Windows Profiles

SmartWindows is designed to streamline the Windows 10 experience so that you can work faster and better. When you use this app, you will find the option to create profiles that are a suite of applications and the display settings you can configure. Why is this helpful?

Let’s say that you are a full-stack software engineer who codes and you have side projects in which you write content or test games. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dynamically auto-arrange all your windows, whether you use one or six screens?

All it takes is a single click to configure your windows in the right positions and the exact sizes for each of your roles. With this SmartWindows feature, you can navigate your coding, gaming, and other layouts without any hassle or confusion. Now, you can save yourself valuable minutes and consistently improve efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Restore Windows Profiles

This is an effective function in the SmartWindows app for Windows 10. It intelligently restores your apps and browser tabs to their right display positions so you need not repeatedly set up your desktop when you restart your system each time. Also, this feature is convenient if you have to switch between your work and home profiles anytime. The transition is quick and intuitive, and effortless restoration makes every work productive.

SmartWindows can restore Windows Profiles with just a single click.


These are just two of the most prominent features that the SmartWindows profile management functionality has to offer. Your usage will not only be limited to configure and restore Windows profile with a single click. Whenever you start your workday, you can be at ease knowing that it is also the best multi-monitor software and tabs backup and restore solution. The app is developed by FiveRivers Technologies.

Please visit the website to learn about the best productivity plan for your business or to watch a demo video and see SmartWindows in action!

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