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How to Recover Deleted Photos In Windows PC

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Almost every smartphone getting produced around the world has a camera. And one doesn’t need to be a professional photographer to start clicking photos anymore. Due to the emergence of so many cameras at once with social media, creating images and movies is not a work of few anymore. You can almost immediately start creating content. Post it in a few seconds to minutes and share it with the world.

A lot of people have left traditional jobs and have started working online, mostly by becoming social media influencers. This has led to a massive increase in the generation of data around the globe. Now storing all of this data is a completely different issue and we won’t be talking about that in this article. This article is all about recovering deleted photos.

So if you are a social media influencer or just a person who loves taking photos and saving them as cherished memories, and somehow you accidentally deleted all or majority of your photos. Deleted even from the Recycle Bin! So what would you do then? It is not a far-fetched scenario and you may have probably experienced deleting important files which you would have regretted later on. So what now? Let’s find out:

Where do the deleted photos go?

Nowhere, I know that the answer may surprise you but this is the reality. Once you press the delete button, all of your selected data goes to the trash folder which also acts as the last line of defense against any accidental deletion. You can always recover data from there but then a lot of people also use Shift + Delete to directly delete the data rather than sending it to the recycle bin.

So this takes the extra step out of the process and is hence faster and more practical but it also increases the chances of making mistakes dramatically. Now you may have also noticed that copying a file on the storage takes more time than deleting it, do you know why? 

In reality, writing files and deleting files should take almost the same amount of time as the computer erases the data from tracks and sectors one by one. So why does deletion take a few seconds while writing huge amounts of data can even take hours? The answer is simple, whenever you delete a file, it doesn’t get erased directly and stays still on the drive.

The computer simply puts it in the permanently deleted category and removes all visible traces from the screen. The developers of operating systems noticed that deleting the data can be easily achieved by overwriting the new data on it so if you have deleted the data. It will get erased when you will copy new data.

How can I recover my deleted photos?

As mentioned before, the OS removes all visible traces of deleted data, and not ordinary apps can get it back for you. You need something designed specifically for the job, something that can get your photos back without losing the data, something that can look up for a hint of such data even in remote locations like external and flash drives. Something that is:

Systweak Photo Recovery

One of the reliable and best photo recovery software in the industry is Systweak Photo Recovery by Systweak Software. It has been in the market for quite some time now and has proved its performance time and again. It is designed by experts and developed by some of the sharpest minds in the field to do the job efficiently and effectively. No matter if you have deleted photos from a single folder, different folders, multiple disks, external drives, or even flash drives.

It can get it all out back for you. If your disks have different file systems then too. Don’t worry, this amazing app can get your data back from FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc. The user interface is designed especially to be easy on the eyes of the beginner. The app is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and even XP, in both 32 and 64-bit versions. Okay, so this is the app but how would you use it? Let’s have a look:

How to start Recovering Photos?

  1. Download and install the latest version of the application from the official website.
  2. After the installation is complete, double-click the icon on the desktop to launch the application. 
  3. After the application is launched, you will have to:
  4. Select the disk partition from where the photos were originally deleted.
  5. Select the other settings like scan type, location, etc. You can even pinpoint a folder to recover. This will make the process faster rather than searching for the whole drive for the photos.
  6. After you have selected the scanning portion of your hard drive. Click on Start Scan and the process of recovering photos will start.
  7. The app will list all the deleted images in front of you and you can select which ones to recover and which ones should stay deleted. 
  8. After you have selected all the ones you want to recover. Click on the Recover button and the process will start. 

So this is how you can easily recover all your deleted photos. I should warn you that in certain cases photos or in general any deleted data becomes irrecoverable. As I mentioned before that a computer deletes the data by overwriting new data over it. So if you have moved or copied any new data on the disk then you can lose huge chunks of your photos and then they will be permanently deleted. 

I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!