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Top 5 Free Duplicate Content Checker Tools for SEO in 2021

You as a blog owner or a website manager know what is the importance of unique and original content. It should always be ensured that the content of the information that you are providing to the people through your website or blog should not be plagiarized. This is because plagiarized content can be penalized by Google and other search engines as well. Hence, the problem of penalty can defeat the website setting aim of yours. So, better to check down the content properly before publishing it out on the internet.

Are you interested in knowing about the top best free duplicate content checker tools in 2021? If yes, then give a look at this article because we have provided some of the best tools that can be used by people in 2021. Let’s start with the information.

Duplichecker: This is one of the top listed free duplicate content checker tools because it is very much easy to handle and is free as well. Duplichecker is very popular tool among the best free content checker tools. It provides 3 options to check plagiarized content. The first, can copy/paste text, second one is you can upload a text file to detect duplicate content, and third one is enter website URL in the given search box to find duplicate content on the website. One of the best things about this tool is that it deep searches and provides a comprehensive report sheet as well. If the detected report is 100% unique then the content is safe to be posted but in case it is 1-2% or more than that plagiarized then it should be checked again and the writer should make it 100% unique. Ergo, this is one of the best tools that can be used by SEO guys or bloggers.

CopyScape: The second duplicate content checker free tool is CopyScape. But remember that this is a tool that searches by entering the URL, it does not offer copy/paste text and other options. This is one of the best website managers that can be used by people to have unique content. If you’re looking to make plagiarism free website content then you can use this free content checker for SEO. Detect duplicate content in your website and make this unique.

Smallseotools: Here is another free duplicate content checker tool that is totally free and is one of the most widely used. As per the researches, this rated to be one of the best SEO tool for checking duplicate content. It offers two options for checking the plagiarism, copies/paste that text or upload the files. People can easily choose the one suiting their needs and demands. Therefore, the report provided will be on basis of deep search with sentence-to-sentence uniqueness. Hence, if running a blog then you should definitely try this tool for checking the content plagiarism.

Plagiarism Detector: The fourth best duplicate content checker tool that can be used by people is Plagiarism Detector. This is a tool that gives copy/paste, excludes URL, and checks by URL options for having reported on content written. The results presented by the tool have unique and plagiarism percentage indicators. Therefore, the entered text will be green on left but in case the sentence is plagiarised it will appear red. Hence, any red sentence means your content is not 100% unique. Go and use this tool to make your content plagiarism free if interested.

Site Liner: Last but not the least, Site Liner is the duplicate content checker for free in 2021 similar to Copy Scape. You enter the URL and after that, the tool will automatically deep search and will provide you the report. Go and try the tool if you are a blogger.

To conclude, checking out the plagiarism is so very important if managing a blog or website to avoid Google penalties. All the tools mentioned above are good, go and select the one that suits you the best. Hence, to know more throw a comment.