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Why can’t I hear YouTube videos on my Android?

Android users face a lot of issues with their devices and no sound issue is one of them. If you are facing no sound issue on your Android device, then there could be several reasons behind it. The reasons could include, codec issues, internet issues, media player issues, and so on. 

Don’t worry, if you are facing some issues with your YouTube app on Android, we’ll help you. We have created a comprehensive guide to resolve the YouTube audio issue on Android devices. 

But first, let’s have a look at the reasons why you might be encountering issues with sound on Android devices. 

Reasons for Sound Not Working on YouTube

There can be several reasons behind this issue, but these are the primary ones. 

  • If your Android OS is not updated to the latest patch of a security update from Google, then you might encounter such an error. 
  • Your device might be facing some network-related issues with the mobile network. 
  • The app of YouTube is not working properly or it is not updated to the latest version. 
  • Or there is an issue with the volume of your device. 

And many more. These are the main reasons for sound issues on Android devices. And now, let’s head over to the steps required to fix such errors without any hassle. 

How to Fix No Sound on YouTube Android App

There can be several reasons why this occurs and we have covered all those in the previous section. Now, let’s shift our focus on how to overcome these issues and make your android app working again. 

Let’s get started. 

Volume Settings

First, you need to look at the volume settings on the device and see if you have accidentally turned off the volume on your device. This can lead to a serious problem on the device and no app will generate any sound. You need to open the volume settings window by pressing the volume button and then turn on the media volume slider. Keep it to the max and then you will be able to hear the sound once again. 

Restart the Mobile Device

No matter what the issue is, restart always works like a charm and you can bet on it. So, go ahead and try to restart the device as soon as possible. it will help you resolve no sound on YouTube issue. Other than the sound issues, a restart can resolve several other issues like an app is not working or something. 

Factory Reset

If restart and other things are not working in your favor, then you may need to factory reset the device. For that, you need to open the Settings app and then tap on the Backup and Reset option and then select Factory Data Reset. Now, confirm the command on the dialog box and the device will be reset. 

Update the App

If you are getting no sound on YouTube videos, then you should update your app as soon as possible. Go to Play Store, search for the YouTube app and then tap on the Update button. Now, it will update the app and fix all the issues with the previous version of the app. This should definitely resolve the sound issue on your YouTube device with ease. 

Uninstall the App

If nothing works in your favor, then you should uninstall the previously installed app and reinstall it. Go to the Settings app and then open the Applications and search for YouTube. Now open the app settings and tap on the uninstall button. Now, open the Play Store, search for YouTube and then tap on the Install button to install the latest version without any bugs. 

Check Hardware Settings

You should also check the hardware settings on your device and make sure that it is not turned on. If Do Not Disturb is turned on, then you won’t be able to hear media volume on the device. So, go to the Settings app and then search for Do Not Disturb and turn it off. Once, it is stop, you will be able to hear everything on your headphones or speakers. 


So, these are some of the popular ways to resolve the YouTube sound issue on Android devices. Just follow these methods and you will be able to listen in with your YouTube app.