Tips for New Parents on How to Store Baby Clothes

When the parents welcome their newborn baby home, there is a lot that they need to prepare. There is a never-ending thought process, and a mother has a million things going on in her mind. When you have a newborn in the house, everything needs to be organised and tidy up. But no matter how much you plan to be organised, there are some unwelcome challenges that you have to face. Many changes take place the minute your little one arrives at home. You might have prepared all the newborn clothes by washing them and organising them in the cupboard. But who knows whether they will fit your baby or not? Or maybe, you little one won’t like any of the clothes you bought. These are not just assumptions; they can actually happen. In such a mess, you would want someone to tell you how to store baby clothes.  After all, anything you do to make things a little bit organised will help. 

The unforeseen change from hospital to bringing the newly born at home can be a little overwhelming. To avoid a huge mess and scattered thoughts, make sure to keep the little things organised. Maybe you can start by keeping all the cute clothes in an organised manner. Prefer to settle all of them in a way that’s easier for you. It should not create a problem when you want to change the baby clothes in a hurry or even when the baby is asleep. It is crucial to keep all the baby clothes by the bed-side not to have any trouble finding what you need in a minute. If you are the parents of a newborn, some baby clothes storage ideas can help. 

If you are trying to figure everything out and feel like it is going like a mess, do not worry, it is normal for all. Your thoughts might be a little scattered, and maybe you do not remember anything else. You may not even remember where are all the baby socks and onesies that fit your little one. Thankfully, it is all normal and not a thing to worry about. The best part- you will get to know a few tips on keeping and organising baby clothes. If you are eager enough to know the tricks, keep reading. 

  • Play the daily need items near the changing table

In the early days of the newborn, the baby sees fast growth. You might notice that the baby is continuously growing and the clothes you have just bought do not fit them anymore. They grow very fast and need bigger size clothes within a few days. If you have placed your changing table near or on your dresser, try to keep the current sizes of clothes in the top shelf. If you are used to changing the baby clothes in another room like a bedroom or living room, keep a shelf close by all the current size clothes. This way, you won’t have trouble finding the right size while changing. 

  • Use drawer dividers for multiple purposes

You can use drawer dividers for many purposes and not just for clothes! Use them for towels, swaddle blankets, burp cloths and more. 

Organise some of the dividers in the bathroom too. Use them to organise the baby’s bath products. Dividers are affordable products that can help you organise baby clothes and other stuff easily. Everything you have in the home for the baby is small. And tiny items tend to get easily lost. They may hide under bigger things or roll under the furniture without even you noticing it. That is why the organisers can keep everything clean and easy to find and access. 

  • Organise by item type

Keeping everything according to item type means you should keep similar items together. Keep socks with socks, onesies together in a drawer. Organising the items according to their type will help you find anything immediately. If you want to look for winter clothes, you’ll know where you’ve kept them. 

Make sure to keep everything organised and also balance your time with the newborn. Spending time with the little one in the early days is precious, and it would never come back. So make things balance and do not dive too much into organizing every little thing.  

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