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What is Amazon Hub Counter/Locker & How To Set It Up?

What is Amazon Hub Counter Locker

The growth in online shopping over the last 20 years has caused a new problem: package thieves. Even though stealing mail can come with federal responsibilities and land you in jail for five years, up to 260 million packages were stolen in 2022. How can you avert your Amazon deliveries from being swiped from your porch while you watch helplessly from work on your Ring Video doorbell? The answer is Amazon Hub Counter.

What is Amazon Hub?

Amazon Hub is a business between Amazon and local businesses to provide a free and secure location to deliver your packages. Hub originates in two flavors depending on the partnership: Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter. Let’s break down the alterations between the two services.

Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Lockers are a cross between a self-service kiosk and the wall of lockers at a gym. They’re usually branded in Amazon blue or yellow, but gray is also mutual. There are two types of lockers, depending on whether they have screens or not. Lockers with canopies are embedded with a touchscreen display, a barcode scanner, a number pad, and a headset jack for people with vision impairment or low vision.

There are two ways to retrieve your package from lockers by screens. The first is with a six-digit code sent to your email confirming the delivery of your bundle. Enter the pickup code using the touchscreen on the locker. The locker door opens, and you can grab your stuff. The other method is with a barcode included in the confirmation email. Direct the barcode to the scanner located beneath the touchscreen of the locker. It automatically images it and opens the locker door.

Lockers without screens use Bluetooth technology, so turn on Location besides Bluetooth on your smartphone to allow a connection. Next, open the delivery confirmation email you established and select Start Pickup. Alternatively, launch the Amazon app and go to Your Orders > Track Package > Start Pickup to add your phone to the locker. Then, select Open Locker to open the locker slot and take out your package.

Amazon Hub Apartment Locker

What is Amazon Hub Counter Locker

You may be familiar with this notion if you live in an apartment complex. Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers work similarly to the lockers in gas places and grocery stores. Get a pickup code, use it at the locker, and get your package. The difference is that the in-store Amazon Lockers are solely for Amazon deliveries, whereas the Apartment Lockers can be used for any package delivered by your mail carrier and accessed at any hour, not only when the business is open.

Access. If you wait too long to get your package, don’t be surprised if your possessions manager moves it to the office to make room for more proactive residents.

Amazon Hub Counter — Like a Hub Locker but with a human

Amazon Hub Counter provides the same basic package as Amazon Hub Locker but with an intermediary. Instead of your packages being sequestered in a wall of digital lockers, it’s kept by an Amazon business partner. You show your email with the barcode to the employee holding your package, the illustrative scans it, and then hands it over. You don’t have to pick it up yourself. Users can forward your email to a friend or family member, and they can pick it up in your place. No ID is needed.

Both services hold your packages for a few days, after which your package is returned to Amazon, and you’ll be reimbursed. Amazon Hub Locker holds packages for three days, while Amazon Hub Counter holds posts for seven days.

There are a few restrictions for Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter, which can be found online. But, if Amazon fulfills your order, and you don’t order something over 12 cubic feet, weighs over 30 pounds, or is worth more than $5,000, your item should be entitled to either Amazon Hub Locker or Amazon Hub Counter.

Getting someone to pick up your package at an Amazon Locker

If you can’t pick up your package, you can have a friend or family affiliate get it for you. Forward them the delivery confirmation email, where they’ll find the six-digit pickup code or barcode for lockers with screens and the Start Pickup button for those without. Lockers without awnings must turn on Location and Bluetooth and need the latest version of the Amazon App.

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What is an Amazon Hub Counter, and how does it work?

An Amazon Hub Counter is an ideal pickup location that can be used to collect Amazon packages. When you choose the Hub Counter at the time of your Amazon order check-out the delivery will arrive at the location. When your package reaches the Hub Counter, you’ll receive an email with a unique pickup code. Visit your local Hub Counter, show the code to the employees, and they will give you your package. It’s secure and a simple method of receiving your Amazon purchases without the requirement of home delivery

Where can I locate the Amazon Hub Counter near me?

You can find the closest Amazon Hub Counter by selecting the Delivery option whenever you shop on Amazon. When you check out you’ll be presented with a list of Hub Counters in the area you live in. Select the one that is most suitable for you. In addition, you can make use of this “Find Hub Counters” feature on the Amazon website or mobile app to locate nearby areas.

What are the hours of operation for Amazon Hub?

The operating hours of the Amazon Hub Counter can vary by location. They typically are open 24 hours a day, 7 all week long, and offer longer hours in order to meet a variety of times. To determine the opening hours for a specific Hub Counter, you can review the information that is provided during the checkout process or utilize the “Find a Hub Counter” tool to get the information.

There is a cost for the use of Amazon Hub Counters?

No, there is no extra cost for the use of Amazon Hub Counters. The service is provided by Amazon in order to offer a simple and cost-free delivery choice. You can choose the Hub Counter when you checkout as with any other delivery option and you will not be charged additional for selecting this option.

Can I return products at the Amazon Hub Counter?

Yes, you can return Amazon purchases via the Amazon Hub Counter. To begin an exchange, visit your “Your Orders” section of the Amazon app or website and select the item that you want to return. Follow the instructions provided to create a return label. You can then choose the Hub Counter for your return location. When you drop off your returned item at the Hub Counter Your return will be handled by Amazon and you’ll get a refund in line with the return policies of Amazon.