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DISH Partners with Amazon in Wireless Buildout

It appears as though DISH is trying to make internet access available for more people and has reached out to Amazon to try to make it happen. DISH plans to craft a 5G network so that it can compete with some of the bigger names in the market, such as Verizon.

The Basics

DISH Network plans to work with the cloud software that Amazon already has in place in order to decrease the time that it could take to launch the network. The company also plans to use some of the equipment that Amazon has in order to get started before other equipment is purchased.

DISH hopes to begin offering 5G services during the third quarter. Las Vegas appears to be the first city to receive these services with nearby areas being on the list as well. There has been no mention of how much money the project could cost for DISH and Amazon.

The Vision

Chairman Charlie Ergen started talking about developing a 5G network about four years ago. He wanted to find a partner who saw that there was a need for a better network and that wanted to work on bigger and brighter investments for the future so that more people would have access to faster internet service in more locations around the country.

DISH wants to branch out from providing television services to become a wireless carrier that utilizes the cloud system, which is where Amazon comes into play. DISH wants to work with Amazon so that they can stand up to larger companies, offering lower rates and better coverage.

What DISH Offers

In the United States, DISH internet is ranked in the top five wireless carriers. Many of the services that DISH wants to offer are not in service because of equipment issues. While working with Amazon, DISH can use the cloud services that are provided to expand the services that aren’t offered yet.

Capacity can be tweaked up and down depending on the need for the services. A variety of applications can be provided to customers as well instead of only an internet connection. Some of the services that DISH wants to provide include processing for businesses and basic phone services for individuals.

Even though there aren’t many people who use 5G services right now, DISH hopes that more customers will see the advantages that are offered. The company hopes that it can come from behind some of the larger companies and move up the ranks so that it’s higher than AT&T and similar companies that have been delivering 5G for some time along with other cloud-based services. The market for 5G services is open, which is beneficial for companies like DISH that want to partner with other companies in order to offer only the best for individuals and businesses.

How Amazon Wants to Help?

Once the partnership is formed, the center of the operation will be Amazon since the company has most of the equipment that is needed as well as the cloud-based details. Amazon has tried to offer more services to customers, but it hasn’t really taken off the ground with 5G.

Connections offered by Amazon and DISH should be at a price that customers can afford since both companies have most of the items that are needed to begin providing services instead of ordering what is needed right away.