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Tips on Newborn Photography – Props, Poses, and More

Photographs bring back memories, and when those memories are associated with your bundle of joy, you try to make every inch of it perfect. Parents have begun experimenting with newborn photography, making it professional and adorable while capturing candid, cute expressions of their children.

If cutie-patootie baby poses to make your heart swirl, then these newborn photography tips, poses, techniques, and props are just what will make you a happy soul.

Here, let’s have a look at some of the tips and techniques which are safe for the newborn’s photoshoot, and which will make the special moments captured in timeless images, perfect.

Setting the ‘set-up.’

The newborn photography Sydney should not brag about the infant but should capture the essence of a child’s purity and innocence. Use a noisemaker or sing a lullaby if required, to help the baby sleep and keep them from waking, while you are clicking them.

Also, set the temperature of the studio or the surface on which the baby is kept accordingly.

Is the light, right?

The light source must always be positioned towards the head of the baby. Photographer needs to decide whether the shoot requires artificial light, or is natural light sufficient. However, many experienced photographers believe that it is acceptable to use an artificial light source. And softbox lighting is the best artificial light modifier for safe newborn photography.

Baby first

Many photographers and proud parents believe that more the number of props, more stunning would be the photograph. However, the experienced ones have tossed this idea into the bin. Since the newborn is the subject in a newborn photography, hence they need to be considered first.

A bad angle can shift the focus from the baby. Also, to avoid awkward positioning while shooting the baby unclothed, the lens can take the help of shadows or props to hide sensitive areas.

Safety and comfort tips

Always prioritize the safety and comfort of the baby over an experimental pose or a quirky prop, and keep a parent within reach of the baby for their safety.

Make sure the props do not have sharp edges or things poking out. A prop must be sturdy and built of a material that does not irritate the fragile skin of a newborn. Each prop used must be unscented and properly clean.

Experimenting with poses

Sometimes, multiple variants of pose using the same prop or ambiance can produce simple yet effective results, while shooting from different angles. Incorporating parents in newborn photography, Sydney will make them feel connected to their babies.

However, some poses have already made their way to the “mandatory-newborn-pose” category, and they suit almost all the babies. Some of them are-

Frog pose– The classic, evergreen pose which highlights the newborn’s facial features. It requires the baby’s hands under the chin, cupping it.

Wrapped/burrito pose- This pose brings out the significance of the phrase ‘bundles of joy.’ The most practical and comfortable pose; the baby burrito is wrapped in a snug, which can be complemented with a variety of props to make it more interesting.

Crazy or simple props?

As the buzz for newborn photography is increasing, photographers are coming up with crazy and unique props to experiment with. While some of them prefer simple yet classic props and both styles have made their impact. Some of them are-

Things from the house- Baskets, pillows, stuffed toys, wooden crates, blankets, small furniture—all these items found around the house, hold the potential to serve as creative props in newborn photography Sydney.

Family members– Incorporating siblings or parents as props in the shoot make it even more memorable. Sibling lying next to each other or a parent snuggling the baby highlights the ‘cute’ element of the photograph while bringing out the family love.

Seasonal props– Taking inspiration from the time of the birth of the baby, these props can be combined with other props to highlight that season. A Santa Claus, a red basket with red and white ambiance, can show a Christmas baby.

Post photography editing

Don’t be in a hurry to try all those crazy poses and props popping in your head. Save the tricky ones that require composite work and practice for later. You can always rely on digital tools in newborn photography Sydney for the fake, eyeballs-grabbing work that isn’t possible to recreate in reality.

Just learn some Photoshop skills like adding color enhancers, soothing enhancers, blanket brushes, skin brushes for blotchy skin, to remove your assistant’s hand from the frame—and you are good to go!


These were the tips for newborn photography that you can use. Mentioning some of them is just an insight into the newborn photography Sydney.

It is all about capturing beautiful moments of the child’s earliest years. So, even if things deviate from the plan, you ought to have fun with it.