What are the basic requirements to renting an Appartment?

Renting an apartment is a long and tedious process, full of paperwork. Both as a tenant or as a landlord, you must present a series of documents that justify the validity of the rental contract.

Current legislation on housing rental requires the owner to present the Energy Efficiency Certificate. With this document, the amount of CO2 that the rental housing emits into the atmosphere is indicated.

When requested, the degree of contamination is measured and the owner will receive a label with the corresponding classification letter. The classification ranges from A to G, from the most efficient and sustainable homes to the least. This label must be renewed every 10 years.

Certificate of occupancy

This document is the one that certifies that the house is in a healthy, hygienic and solid condition to rent. If these minimums are met, it is considered habitable and, therefore, can be rented. Likewise, the minimum equipment that it must have is also checked, such as the toilet, the kitchen, etc.

This certificate is regulated by the Autonomous Communities and is necessary to register services such as water, gas and electricity.

Documents certifying ownership

To verify that the landlord is really the owner of the property to be rented, you must provide supporting documents of the property. Among these documents is the property deed, which is the document that a notary authorizes, with the requirements established by the law on property ownership.

With the presentation of the deed, the DNI must be included to verify that the data correspond and that everything is in order.

Another way to prove that you are the owner is by attaching copies of the last IBI receipt and invoices for basic supplies.

Tenant documents to rent an apartment


First, as in any juridical-legal procedure, it is necessary to identify yourself. The owner must know the identity of the tenant through the presentation of the DNI or other document proving the identity of the tenant. In the event that more than one person is going to live in the apartment, the identity documents of each of them must be presented.


At the time the contract is signed, the owner will request the payment of the corresponding legal bond. The amount to be deposited coincides with the payment of a monthly payment. This bond must be paid to the relevant body since it depends on the autonomous government.

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We recommend that the tenant makes sure that the owner has deposited the deposit in the autonomous body that corresponds to him since, otherwise, there would be an administrative non-criminal offense.

Endorsement (optional)

It is not mandatory, but there is a possibility that the tenant may need a guarantee. In the contract guarantee, a third person appears, making security for payment of an obligation, if the debtor does not meet the payments. It is common that this guarantee corresponds to the bank, which guarantees the availability of several monthly payments in case of non-payment, leaving the corresponding amount of money, immobilized.

To request a bank guarantee, you must go to the financial institution of which the tenant is a customer and the bank will study its ability to fulfill its main obligation.

Payroll or last income tax return

When it comes to renting the property, it is usual for the owner to request guarantees, such as payroll or the latest income tax return. Generally, landlords and real estate agents ask for the last three payrolls to determine if the tenant will be able to afford the rent. It is not a legally enforceable requirement, but it is a very common practice since, as far as solvency is concerned, there are no legal rights or obligations.

Therefore, these documents will be used as proof of solvency by the tenant.

As it is not regulated as such, you do not have to show this personal documentation if you do not want it, but the owner may decide not to accept you for not presenting them.

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