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Top 6 SEO Tips for Effective Facebook Page Optimization

Effective Facebook Page Optimization

The current growth of the websites and popularity are more focused on using social media platforms. Among the other social media platforms, Facebook is one of the most used ones that come with a huge user base. It is difficult enough to find people who do not use Facebook to stay connected with the world. Hence for targeting better SEO improvement, Facebook plays as one of the key areas where you can mark better growth with enhanced traffic. There are simply many rumors regarding the optimization of Facebook for better SEO. But How do you do it correctly? Here are some tips for you:

1.  Ask for your vanity URL:

Especially when you are optimizing the SEO for the page of your website, the vanity URL comes to be one of the most crucial requirements. As you create your Facebook business page, you are automatically going to get assigned a very dynamic URL.

As you claim your vanity URL and customize it to match the name of your company, you can have a very significant boost in your SEO. This URL needs to be descriptive and concise, which is easy to memorize by your audience. This is one of the best ways to improve your brand’s identity and visibility. With the help of an SEO Agency, you can do it better.

2.  Keywords are the key:

Where there is SEO, there must be keywords. The keywords are essential when it comes to the optimization of your Facebook page for SEO. There must not be keyword stuffing but use them more strategically. Including the keywords in the about section, description section, headline updates, notes, photo captions can improve the visibility and traffic to your site. Use the keyword searching tools for finding out the keywords which go highly suitable with your subject matter and business type.

3.  Put some more attention to your about tab:

The about tab on the Facebook page helps your visitors in decision-making. Especially for the SEO boost-up, you must add more value to your about section. As a visitor comes to view your page, the first thing they will check is the About section. They look for more valuable and useful information in that area. Add proper information and a couple of keywords to this area to sprinkle some more value and optimization to this area.

4.  Add few custom tabs:

Just because you are on Facebook, there is no need to be generic enough. You can customize your page to make it easier for the SEO boost. As you keep customizing your page with the content, the number of the tab options tends to grow. In case you have a large Facebook page, then it can make things difficult for your viewers to navigate through your information.  Adding the custom tabs makes it easier for them to find out the videos, images, reviews, and posts.

5.  Create and share the right content for the right time:

Creating and sharing the right content for the right time can boost your Facebook page traffic in a very impressive way. Creating relevant and effective content can help you to generate more leads to your page. Thus, making up the high-quality and helpful content that generates more agreements is to improve the engagement on your page. Focus on content that helps in educating and entertaining the audience. Usually, the basic Facebook SEO tactics focus on the initial 18 characters which Google used in the meta description. Thus put more focus on evaluating the content for an impressive Facebook optimization strategy.

6.  Consider evaluating the backlinks:

Backlinks are the most crucial elements for your Facebook page optimization for SEO. As the authoritative sources, the link back to your content comes as a very strong indicator that your content is very relevant and valuable. Google prefers it most when various trustworthy sources focus on valuing your website. However, make sure that you are not earning backlinks from random sources. On Facebook, it can be hard enough to generate backlinking. However, using an influencer marketing platform to perform your research and connecting your page with the influencers can help you in better ways.


It is highly crucial to optimize your Facebook account if you want to target a better SEO ranking. This is why the SEO optimization of your Facebook page with time to time SEO practices can help your page to rank better and get more followers.