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Is it Worth to Invest in E-commerce App Development?

mobile application development

There is no denying the fact that mobile app development and trends are revolutionizing the way we do and handle our business operations. With an increasing inclination towards mobile apps, developing an e-commerce mobile app can give a different & positive perspective to your business.

With 90% of mobile app time spending. It is safe to say that consumer behavior is drastically changed in the past few years. It is because mobile apps have brought everything to our fingertips. And also made it easier to search and find anything on the internet using voice/ visual search commands.

From buying clothes to booking airplane tickets, you can do everything using the potential of a mobile app.  With increasing addiction to mobile apps, it is predicted that mobile commerce will be accounting for 73% of the global e-commerce market share by 2021. (Source: Statista).

However, even knowing the benefits of e-commerce mobile application development. Some business owners think investing in a mobile app is a financial burden. That is not true, of course!

“While some companies hire an iOS developer or an Android one to develop apps, other business owners think investing in a mobile app is a financial burden.

Here are some stats & figures to help you understand the significance of developing an e-commerce application for your business.

Let’s Have a Look over the Current State of E-Commerce Statistics

It is important to know the market to generate maximum ROI. Besides, being familiar with the current e-commerce updates is not only useful when selling goods online. But also for the businesses which are still dependent on in-stores.

  • According to the report of Statista, the number of global digital buyers will jump from 1.32 billion to 2.14 Billion in 2021.
  • As per the latest market report, the revenue of the e-commerce market has reached $2,411,638m in 2020. And the number of users is expected to grow to 4,658 million in the e-commerce market by 2024.

Key Takeaway Point – After noticing the stats, you might be wondering about e-commerce apps. However, you must know all the e-commerce apps do not succeed. To make your business successful, you have to choose the right app development company among top-notch Mobile App Development Companies in California.  With the support of experienced e-commerce developers, you can build a powerful & robust platform that can bring profits in a short time.

Top Reasons to Invest in E-commerce Mobile Apps

mobile application development

Preferred Mode of Shopping

Mobile apps are faster and easier to browse than websites. Since almost all age groups use mobile apps, it becomes easy for sellers to target mass audiences. Also, you can browse an e-commerce store by just downloading it from app stores.

One of the top reasons that mobile apps gain more popularity than websites is that it is hard to remember URLs and login every time.  Mobile apps offer faster loading time thus, deliver a better user experience and leave a customer with a satisfying & delightful shopping experience.

Abreast Competitive Trajectory

Presently, if you have a mobile app, your e-commerce website is at a disadvantage. Customers can view your inventory in minutes, save their favorites, and purchase what they like the most, all from one app. Mobile sales can take your business to the next level. So, if you do not have a mobile app is not a problem now. But can cause trouble in acquiring your customer’s trust in the future.

Enjoy Great Conversion Rates

Let’s jump back to numbers. Do you agree that everything you do is to boost your KPIs and ROIs? However, to build a successful platform, you need to hire top software developers or passionate e-commerce experts. The mobile app development team makes your app intuitive yet user-friendly to increase conversions that matter.

List of Advanced Technologies that You Can Use to Make Your E-Commerce App More Profitable

Augmented Reality

There is no question that we are moving to a much more dynamic and interesting age, thanks to technology. If you wait, you’ll miss out on some of the greatest profit opportunities. Irrespective of customers’ location, AR can offer a detailed view of your product that allows them to make decisions quickly.  Also, AR allows you to preview the product 360 degrees; the level of immersion allows brands to take online sales to the next level.


Chatbots are now the doors through which customers can step in the store directly from digital channels. A reliable mobile app development company helps you build bots either from scratch or using pre-built bot platforms. If you are want to integrate a bot into your e-commerce platform. Then you can take quotes using the Chatbot cost calculator within minutes. 


Among world-class & renowned e-commerce development companies California, we are one of the most trusted partners in the industry. We have an amazing portfolio and developed around 150+ projects for clients all over the globe. Being an experienced technology partner, our experts can guide you throughout the mobile app development process and bring the best outcome for your business. We are an award-winning company that follows a client-first and agile approach to keep the client satisfied and happy with the services. For more details, you can book a free consultation with experts. All the best!