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4g vs 5g: What Difference Will 5g Make?

At present, we are using 4G networks. But you must be aware of the 5G network arriving soon. In many of the countries, they have already launched 5G networks. But as far as India is concerned, we can expect it to arrive by the second half of 2021.

Top telecom operators such as Reliance Jio, Airtel, and VI are working towards launching their 5G network by this year. So if you are planning to buy Airtel fancy numbers or VIP numbers from any of the telecom brands, this is the time to upgrade.

Many of you want to know how 5G is better than 4G or what difference it will make. In this post, we will discuss that in detail.

Difference Between 4G & 5G

Before moving on to bigger details, let’s first look into the key differences between 4G and 5G.

Both the network types use separate bands to communicate. To be more precise, 5G is not only smarter but also more energy-efficient. Not to mention, it is way faster than any of its predecessors. It is said that 5G will be 10 times faster than 4G, which is a lot.

4G tends to struggle during peak hours. But with 5G, you will no longer have to be bothered by slow speeds. It will allow a higher number of users to connect simultaneously.

5G is designed to remove network congestion, so there’s no buffering at all. According to experts higher speed and reduced latency is just the tip of the iceberg. 5G is a highly promising technology and it has the potential to improve connectivity.

Major telecom operators are already working towards establishing their 5G networks in the country. It is said that Reliance Jio will be the first company to launch 5G in India. They are also working on 5G Wi-Fi connectivity, which would benefit everyone.

How fast is 5G?

As already mentioned once, 5G is expected to be 10 times faster than 4G. It is going to be faster than any of its predecessors. The higher speeds offered by 5G can create new opportunities for both consumers and industries. For example, high internet speed means the development of ultra-high-resolution 4K video calls. 

When will 5G arrive?

According to many industry experts, 5G has already arrived. However, most consumers will not have access to 5G, until the low-band spectrum is available.

Service providers are focussing on rolling out the technology in major cities and populated areas. But the introduction of 5G to the mass is going to be a slow process. If you are expecting an overnight switch, then you are wrong.

Capabilities of 5G

5G will provide higher internet speeds and reduced latency. These are the two important things that make it different from the present network we are using. This alone is enough to lure the world’s industries to adopt the 5G network.

According to experts, the 5G network will eventually drive smart cities and many other large-scale projects.

  • Healthcare

5G can help healthcare providers to develop sensor networks so that they can track patients and also share information quickly.

  • Infrastructure

With 5G, there will be better and efficient communication across the globe.

  • Public safety

Rapid response times backed by a vast network will help public works to respond to emergencies in seconds. It will also help municipalities to react fast and reduce costs.

  • Autonomous vehicles

With the use of 5G technology, they can design vehicles to communicate with infrastructure and between themselves on the road. This will help improve safety and travel conditions.

The arrival of the 5G network is expected to bring major changes to it. It will benefit both industries and consumers alike.