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Tips To Create Elearning Content That Boosts Learner’s Retention

Tips To Create Elearning Content That Boosts Learner’s Retention

Learning programs have expanded well beyond the conventional learning methods that required the learner’s physical presence. Today’s digitized world does not limit the accessibility of learning and this has led to the proliferation of various kinds of online courses and Elearning modules. One of the most distinct and unique advantages of Elearning is to keep the learners’ interest intact. Whether you are looking to incorporate a conversational Elearning voice over or create memorable and relatable Elearning courses, here are a few tips that will help you to boost your user’s engagement:

Incorporate Clean Visuals

If you are creating online learning content, try to focus on the visuals by making them structured and of high quality. While explaining any graphs or charts it is better to choose more over less and not clutter the space of the graphics. Also, it is important to present clean visual structuring to the learners by properly placing the headings and bullet points and aligning the image with the text.

This will help the audience to identify with the purpose of the visual, with proper attention. It’s important not to overdo it, and the judicious use of rich descriptors will stick in the memory of your learners and help them to hold onto concepts.

Select the Right Font

Fonts should be clean and simple without distracting stylistic elements. In fact, it’s been long argued that simple serif fonts are the easiest to read and can help to deliver the message without making the learners lose their focus. Also, try to use thoughtful colors in your images, links, and logos as some colors boost online learners’ responsiveness while others may have a calming effect. Consider your audience, consider your message – and consider keeping it simple.

Make Navigation Easy

The navigation of the course should be easy for the learners which means that the icons, buttons, and arrows should be visible and clear. Trusty Elearning navigation tools will help to point them in the right direction and will ensure that your online learners always know what lies ahead, where they’ve been, and what’s expected of them.

Use Professional Voice Over

People engage better with learning when there is a human voice involved in its delivery. A professional voice-over artist not only adds value to your Elearning course but can be an effective tool to attract more customers and increase your profit. Adding a voice to an online learning process helps users master new knowledge faster as it makes it more personal.

Another benefit of an Elearning voice-over is that it can boost the learner’s engagement and it’s one of the things that a good voice-over artist can inject into an Elearning project. Using the right audio in your Elearning course can make it even more memorable, emotional, and engaging for online learners. This can lead to greater knowledge absorption and retention which also helps to maximize the benefits of the Elearning course. That voice selected (Voiceover recording) needs to be able to maintain a consistent style and rhythm, sometimes over several hours, and it should not sound monotonous.

As sound is the most sensitive component of any Elearning module, when carried out by professionals, it can enhance the overall learning experience of the audience. Professional voice talent will not only maintain the same tone and consistency throughout an entire series of Elearning modules but will provide authenticity and will generate user engagement by following:

  1. Let the script sound natural and conversational
  2. Deliver high-quality audio with a great performance
  3. Understand the value of pauses as learners need time to digest information and assimilate it before they move on.
  4. Know the technicalities of voiceovers and studio equipment
  5. Value Your Brand

When it comes to Elearning voice-over, professional, cultured, and formal delivery is what people expect to hear in the Elearning course. That is why it is important to listen to samples of different voiceovers to determine which one best suits the style of your online training program. Voyzapp is a reputable voice-over agency that provides professional voice-over services through native and experienced voice actors. You can easily compare the costs of the artist and their delivery time to hire the best Elearning voice-over for your online training course.

Include Self-Assessment

Providing opportunities for self-assessment allows learners to take more ownership of their learning. Selecting assessment activities is a powerful way to achieve learning outcomes and to assure course completion. Combining different test and quiz options, and at different intervals will provide a higher chance of content retention and a better learning experience.  Hence, focusing on boosting engagement by using professional voiceovers will elevate the quality of an Elearning course, ensuring user participation and, ultimately, retention.