Top 7 React Native Chat Template 

Creating a robust react-native application from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. Mobile apps have an extremely complex development process. Creating seamless UI/UX, Developing prototypes, writing code, reviewing code, performance optimization, testing, fixing bugs, etc. Luckily, various react native templates allow you to save considerable resources and time.

React Native is the best choice if you’re an enterprise-level company starting your new projector SME tight on budget. It allows developers to design native-like cross-platform apps by leveraging react native templates. 

These react native templates help developers skip as much as 80% of the code, which are some of the common features & trends shared by all mobile apps across every platform. These features include dark mode support, push notification, code quality, app performance, back-end integrations, customer support, documentation, and last but not least, authentication & authorization. 

Using these react native templates can bring down the cost of development drastically. To leverage, these best react native themes and templates. You will need to hire a react native developer according to your budget, requirements, and project growth. Let’s look at some of the React native chat templates available in the market.

Top React Native Chat Templates

React Native Chat Template

Following are some of the React Native Chat Templates that will help develop apps on a tight budget. 

ChatApp – Chat & Group Chat App Template in React Native 

License: Regular – $34 and Extended License – $119

The first one on the list of React Native Chat Templates is ChatApp. It is supported by iOS and Android and is easy to customize and coded optimally. This template can be used for both chat and group chat. You can also add the voice and video call designs using these templates. It’s a multifunctional app that can be used as a chat app, a talking app, a group messaging app, etc. The following clones can be used with ChatApp: Clones of Viber, WeChat, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, among others.


  • Build with React Native
  • Supports Cross-Platform
  • Voice Call & voice call support
  • OTP Screen
  • Terms & Conditions page
  • Free Updates & Customer support 

What will you get?

  • ChatApp App Template UI
  • React Native Full Source code 
  • Good Documentation 
  • Free Upgrades



License: Regular – $84 and Extended License – $99

The next one on the list of React Native chat themes is BChat. B-chat is a cross-platform messenger app template. It can be used with both Android and iOS. This has 20+ components and has more than 10 pages. It provides dark and white themes and can be built as a messaging app like Whatsapp, Viber, or Messanger. 


  • Created with React Native
  • Supports React Native Vector Icons
  • Created on React Navigation
  • Lightweight template
  • Modest theming

React Native Redux Firebase Chat 

React Native Redux Firebase Chat 

License: Regular – $48 and Extended License – $75

The following one on the list of react-native chat templates is React Native Firebase Redux Chat. It is a cross-platform chat theme supporting the up-to-date version of both Android and iOS. It has a sleek design and customized reusable components. Among other things, there is constant update introduced in the project.

Supported Technologies 

  • React-Native 0.66.x
  • React 17.0.x
  • React Hooks
  • Hermes Support
  • Xcode 13 and iOS 15
  • Firebase Authentication
  • React – Redux


  • Real-time chat time with Firebase
  • Seamless and sleek UI/UX
  • Avatar User List
  • Redux global state management
  • Easy integration with existing project

Whatsapp React-Native Theme

License: Regular – $39 and Extended License – $99

Following up on the React Native chat templates list is Whatsapp React-Native Theme. It consists of 15+ screens with every UI component you can think of. It’s the complete reformation by Facebook of WhatsApp. It is recommended to keep in mind that the main aim of this project is to provide the front-end component for your chat application. Also, this project doesn’t contain any back-end functionality. 


  • Whatsapp Redesign Theme
  • 40+ screens 
  • Dark & white theme
  • Latest React Navigation version 
  • React Native Framework

DarkChat End-to-End Encrypted 


License: Free Download

The following one on the list is DarkChat. Dark chat is a simple encrypted chat template. This template uses web cryptography API for end-to-end encryption, and it also uses In short words, it is a simple and secure private chat site for all private legal chats. This template lets you create a private room and allows the admin to have some rights. So you can use this chat template whenever you want to share something important or send sensitive data.


  • It supports most browsers, including safari, Android browser, chrome, iOS browser, and firefox. 
  • Uses Slash commands
  • Allows room owner to make the room private so that only person with access can join in
  • Rewritten front-end with Redux and react.js 
  • Allows sending files up to 4MB. (can be altered)


rechat (1)

License: Regular – $49 

Another Chat template on the React native chat list is ReChat. This cross-site react native chat template works perfectly on both Android and iOS. It can be said as an amazing chat app experience. The ideation of this template is taken from Viber and Whatsapp. It is easy to use react native chat app template, which runs on Firebase. 


  • Cross-platform support
  • Allows group chat 
  • Supports push notification
  • Firebase Support

Agora and Firebase based React Native Video call and Chat App

Agora and Firebase based React Native Video call and Chat App

License: Regular – $18 

The next one on the list is the React Native Chat and call app. This Cross-platform framework supports both iOS and Android. It has fully customizable UI Components. This framework can be integrated with any application. It is easy to scale and modify any application because of the architecture. React native chat template uses Apollo cache for state management and GraphQL Code Generator for using datatypes. The best part is that the server-side is already optimized for performance. The main aim of this framework is to let anyone integrate the messaging feature into the existing application. 


  • Cross-platform
  • Supports push notification 
  • Sleek Design 
  • Supports gestures
  • Allows autoloading history
  • Animation Support
  • Unread message counter
  • Custom UI/UX design
  • Supports real-time messaging
  • No legacy code 

Tech Stack 

  • React Native 
  • NodeJs
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • TypeScript

Wrapping Up!

These were some of the best React native templates for 2022. Before selecting between the available templates from the market, it is important to look into the code quality, features, and app performance. It is also important to keep in mind the business requirement of your project needs and select accordingly. 

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