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Tinder: What is it & Download Tinder for PC

Download Tinder for PC

Thanks to the almost barrier-free communication possibilities that have been achieved in recent years thanks to technology and the internet. Today we can not only talk and make friends with someone beyond geographical distances and socio-cultural differences. But we can also find our better half with the press of a few buttons in an application. You can download tinder for pc, but there is no version available for pc.

This is precisely the case of Tinder, which in recent times managed to position itself. As one of the leading services in the field of dating platforms. And this is not a coincidence, since if we take into account that currently more than 50 million people around the world use Tinder. A figure that grows day by day, we will realize that ultimately something interesting must have the platform.

In addition, the majority of users who turn to Tinder assure. That it ends up becoming an addictive service, but in a good sense of the word, and in reality. This demonstrated by the fact that it is estimated that each of the active users tend to check their accounts about a dozen times a day. And they also spend an average of 90 minutes a day using the app.

Here we will tell you not only what Tinder is and how it works. But we will also provide you with the necessary information to start using the platform without major inconveniences.

What is Tinder?

There isn’t really much to understand about Tinder. As it is basically a free mobile app where users can date online. Because it allows users to easily find potential partners who are geographically close. It has become the most popular dating app in the world.

Among the main features of Tinder, it should be noted that one of its great advantages is that it is much simpler to use than traditional dating websites. The application is simple and you can start using it immediately without having to pay anything. of money.

How does Tinder work?

The way in which Tinder works is very simple. Since for each user the application can find possible matches with other users. According to a series of data including the proximity between them.

To do this, Tinder uses our location through GPS. It also uses Facebook information to create our profile. However, none of our activity on Tinder reflected on our Facebook profile, since it is a totally discreet platform.

When the Tinder application finds matches between our profile and that of other users. It invites us to be able to start an online relationship with those people. It is up to us to decide with whom we consider that we can establish a relationship. That may later become a love affair.

Download Tinder for free

If we are interested in using Tinder and taking advantage of its magnificent features. We can download Tinder for free for our Android device without inconvenience.

To do this, we must download and install the Tinder application from the Google Play Store. At this link, and from there we can begin to configure our profile in Tinder. And start using the application to meet people, perhaps even meet our media Orange.

How to use Tinder?

To use Tinder, once we have downloaded Tinder for free from the Google Play Store on our Android smartphone. Use the application for the first time, it will ask us to connect our user with our Facebook account.

Once this is done, Tinder will invite us to choose up to six of our Facebook photos. So that we can use it on our Tinder profile. At this point it is important to mention that it is not possible to use Tinder. If we do not have a Facebook profile.

When we are preparing our user account, within the profile settings on Tinder. We can also add a small autobiography in the “About me” section.

When we start using Tinder, we will see that the app will show us random people who are geographically close to us. In this case we have two options, click on the heart icon or click on the “X”.

It should noted that the other person will only see that we interested in him if he also beats the heart. When the two people tap their hearts, then the Tinder app allows them to send messages to each other.

In addition to being able to share our information and photos on Tinder. We can also share our favorite music to find matches with other users. This done through Spotify, which allows us to share in real time what we listening to in this application. And thus we can know who shares our musical tastes.

Regarding our photos, when using Tinder we can also integrate our Instagram profile. With which our Tinder account can include the 34 most recent photos that we have uploaded to Instagram.

Tinder for PC

As we already mentioned, we can download Tinder for free on our Android device. And all we will need to use Tinder is to integrate our Facebook profile into our new account.

This is for those who want to use the platform through mobile devices. But what about those who prefer the PC version of Tinder?

When searching the internet for “Tinder for PC” we will see that among the results. We will shown various online dating sites that pretend to have some kind of relationship with Tinder. But that is a lie. We will also find sites where we offered to download the Tinder application for PC for free. That is also false, since Tinder does not have a version for computers.

Therefore, if we want to use Tinder on our PC, we must carry out the steps detailed below.

Steps to use Tinder on PC

Time needed: 10 minutes

Follow the steps to install and use Tinder on PC

  1. Step 1

    In principle, we must download and install an Android emulator program on our PC, for which we recommend Bluestacks, which we can download for free from this link.

  2. Step 2

    When we have downloaded and installed the Android emulator on our computer, through it we can download Tinder for free for the PC, in the same way that we do when we install Tinder on our Android mobile device.

  3. Step 3

    Next, we must start the Tinder application and then log in with our username and password. Tinder will ask us for our location, and since PCs generally do not have GPS, we must install an app that allows this functionality through the Android emulator, for which we recommend Fake GPS Location and you can use it using vpn services Like:
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    2. NordVPN
    3. ProtonVPN
    4. CyberGhost 
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    8. HideMyAss

  4. Step 4

    Once this location app is installed, we run it and indicate our location, so that Tinder can then take the geographic space in which we are.

In this quite simple way, we can use Tinder on our PC for free. And enjoy all the functions that the application designed for mobile devices includes.