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Online Video Game Streaming Tips for a Long-Lasting Career

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The video game streaming industry is rising remarkably, with more and more people live-streaming their gaming sessions online. The most popular streamers are making a huge amount of money every year by streaming their gaming content. According to Bumped, many people on Twitch are purchasing their followers.
In 2019, viewers of the Twitch platform alone streamed more than 2.72 billion hours of live content. Such an immense volume of viewership hours means that there is a great scope of business in the field of video game streaming. And various experts predict that the industry will continue to rise and improve over the next five years. Especially due to the increasing popularity of esports and several revenue platforms.
Therefore, it is completely understandable if you wish to try out building a career through online video game streaming. However, if you wish to be a successful streamer, there are a few things that you need to be careful about.
Here are some important points that you may want to consider:

Types of Video Game Streaming

Video game streaming primarily means live streaming of video game sessions. But a closer look reveals that there are several types of stream content. One of the most viewed videos is Livestream professional competitions or esports. Esports competitions generate a lot of revenue through subscriptions. People love to watch expert gamers compete with each other, and therefore, such videos generate a lot of traffic. 
However, esports is a quite larger event conducted by many sponsors and streamers together. 
Individual streamers usually focus on the live streaming of gaming sessions. Where the streamer plays the game for some time and interacts with the fans during this time. 
To start off your video game streaming career, it is best to start with smaller video sessions. Where you conduct game testing and walkthrough of interesting games. This is one of the most popular types, as many viewers wish to have an honest review of the latest games. The walkthrough also helps other gamers to get through those difficult, irritating levels that can have a person stuck for days at a time.

Avoiding copyright infringement is one of the most important aspects of your live streaming career. Especially if you are still new at live streaming, you wouldn’t want your videos to be removed or restricted while you are still trying to generate an audience. Therefore it is necessary to go through all the copyright information thoroughly before you broadcast a game. Some games have very strict copyright laws. While others have a settlement with the platform and would allow users to broadcast the game freely.
As a beginner, it is best to stick with the games that are copyright free. However, players are protected by the policy of “fair use’. Where you are allowed to broadcast the gameplay for “purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, and research without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.” 
Music also has its copyright issues. If you plan to run some background music on your channel. Make sure that the music is copyright free and you are allowed to broadcast or edit this for professional purposes. Therefore, it is best to understand the laws well before you start to live streaming your gaming sessions.

Similar to any other type of entertainment content, piracy exists in gaming as well, and here too, it is an offence. So, take special care that you do not broadcast pirated game versions, and always use the original licensed versions. According to research done in 2014, up to 2.4 billion games downloaded illegally. Which means many sites offer pirated games. And you could accidentally get a pirated version at the price of the original. 
Therefore, you should always purchase the game from its official website only and get a licensed authentic version. Broadcasting pirated games can get you into a lot of trouble. Such as getting banned on your gaming console, losing online streaming rights, malware attacks, and unauthorised use of your private information. Such hassles not only affect your personal safety, but your viewers will also lose interest in your content. If your videos get taken down constantly, and therefore, it best to keep safe from these issues.

Maintain Your Health

Online streaming of video games needs you to spend several hours in front of a screen. While playing the games and interacting with your fans. So if you are planning to be a professional streamer. It is important that you also take care of your physical and mental health
Your eyes suffer a lot during the process. Hence, you must wear protective glasses and take breaks between the long sessions to give your eyes some rest from constantly looking carefully at the screen. It is also important to take care of your spine and neck as you sit on a table for extended periods. Get yourself a good chair that supports your back and do some stretching exercising for your spine and neck to avoid pain. 
Outdoor life is also equally important, and when you choose to be a professional streamer. You must make sure that you get enough sun and fresh air every day. It is best to give yourself breaks and holidays from time to time, go for a walk or exercise daily. All these activities will keep you healthy and fit. Ensuring that you will be able to have a long-lasting happy career as a live game streamer.


There is absolutely no doubt that the live streaming video games industry is going to grow more and more in the future. There is unlimited potential to grow and build a great career in this field. However, the above-mentioned points are extremely important to avoid unexpected problems while you try to build a solid career in online video game streaming.

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