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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Tools

Guide to Remote Work Tools
Guide to Remote Work Tools

Especially with the pandemic, a lot of people had moved to remote working where you would be able to work from your homes. With the use of remote work tools, you would be able to work and collaborate with your colleagues in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may choose to work. This would give you more flexibility and creative freedom.

What is a Remote Work Tool and How Does it Work?

A remote work tool is a software that you could use to help you work no matter where you are in the world. This is a tool that you could be able to use to communicate with the rest of your team while also integrating other collaborative work like cloud storage, messaging tools, video conferences, and management systems. You would be able to track each person’s progress and easily collaborate ideas.

How to Choose the Right Remote Work Tool?

Guide to Remote Work Tools


Make sure that the accessibility works where the people who need access to these certain files and documents would be able to access what they need. They have to have all of these different levels of permission for certain files and folders so they would be able to concentrate on the work they need to do.


You need to look at the scalability of the tool that you are using, especially if you are expecting your company to grow significantly over the near future. Make sure that when you are adding new members and users into the tool, it will be able to handle it.


Is your remote work tool easy to use? Make sure that the usability of your tool matches the level of expertise that your team has. You might not want to invest in it if it’s a tool that is complicated, hard to use, and hard to understand. Use a tool that balances simplicity and security since they are both important for this to work.


You are going to need to have the storage files encrypted and be secured especially when you are sharing them. You need to have these certain passwords and authentication for them to be able to access important files so that you could prevent hackers from entering your system.


Be aware of what you’ll need to do. Ask yourself, what are the things I have to do and how do I do what I need to do? If the tool is functional, that does not automatically mean that it is more efficient because this could lead to confusion, and confusion means less productivity.


Is this remote tool able to work with all of the other tools that your team is working with? You have to make sure that the tools that you use would be compatible with all the others, where there would be minimal downtime and little to no disruption at all because there are some tools that do not work well together and would just make your work so much harder.

What Are the Benefits of Using Remote Work Tools for Businesses and Employees?


As a remote worker, you would be able to save a lot more money since you would not have to worry about the parking, your lunch, coffee, snacks, presents for your colleagues during their birthday, need clothes for work, and cost of travel. This is because you get to spend more time at home instead of physically having to go to the office physically.

Peace and quiet

You would be able to focus more since you are not going to be working in a traditional office where there are a lot of distractions and it is often noisy as you hear your colleagues talking and joking around, and their phones constantly ringing. 

You get to have peace and quiet since you would most likely be working in the comfort of your own home where it would allow you to be more creative and be more productive.


People who use remote work tools for their jobs have a lot more freedom and flexibility since they would be able to control their own schedule as long as they would get the work done on time. 

You would be able to schedule your own and not revolve your day around just working, giving you a chance to run personal errands, attend your children’s games, and even be on vacation.


You would not have to be living in the same area as the people you are working with since you could basically work from anywhere in the world. If you are settled in a different state than others, it would not affect your job since everything would be worked remotely.

So if you want to move from time to time, and have to transition to different work every time you move since you could work anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection, then it won’t be an issue.

Time saver

Since you are managing your own schedule, you get to choose what time of the day you get to work, as long as you meet the deadlines. 

There are some people who are more productive during the morning than in the afternoons, but there are also night owls who tend to be more productive when the sun is down and everyone is asleep. 

You would also be able to travel while working, so it’s not holding you back from doing your hobbies.

Comfortable environment

Wherever you want to work, you could work. If you want to work by the beach, sipping on a coconut, or in the comfort of your own room snuggled up in your blankets, or maybe even down at your local coffee shop where you would get basically unlimited amounts of your favorite caffeinated drink. 

You have the freedom to make your own workspace because anything would be fine as long as you have an internet connection.


Being a remote worker means that you would have a better work/life balance and you get to control more of your personal life and be more productive in your craft.

You are not going to have to deal with rush hour, carry your files and laptop everywhere you go, you get to control when you take a break, there is no office politics, and you would be able to get more time with your family.