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3 Reasons to Use DriveCams for Your Fleet

Reasons to Use DriveCams for Your Fleet

While there is a growing interest in installing DriveCams in fleets, you may be not yet convinced as to how they could benefit you and your company. Consider this for just a moment. There is a growing number of videos recorded from dashcams that you can find almost anywhere online.

Sometimes you’ll see them on social media and other times even the Weather Channel uploads videos taken from dashcams during major weather events. Yes, those are interesting to watch, but entertainment isn’t what you are concerned with when managing a fleet of commercial vehicles. If you are still toying with the idea of installing DriveCams in your fleet vehicles, here are just 3 reasons why you might want to do so without delay.

1. Real-Time Monitoring of Risks

One system you might want to consider is the Lytx DriveCam. These have been developed so that you can upload videos from your vehicles as long as you have an Internet connection. Real-time monitoring of road conditions and traffic events as they unfold can help you to advise drivers on a course of action.

Even if there is no connectivity, the videos can be recorded for future reference so that you can monitor the risks your drivers and vehicles may be exposed to. Risk mitigation should be high on the list of fleet management and video provided by dashcams can help you to assess and avoid future risks.

2. Video Documentation of Events

There may be times when one of your vehicles might be involved in a traffic accident. Unless there are witnesses, sometimes there is a major dispute as to which driver was at fault. Quite often video from dashcams is called into evidence if the insurance claim is disputed and taken to court.

Since videos can be recorded and saved for future reference, these might prove to be helpful if your driver was not at fault in an accident that they were involved in. This can save your company a load of money, also helping to avoid higher insurance premiums.

3. Enhanced Driver Safety

The next reason for using DriveCams in your fleet should come as no surprise. You’ve heard the expression that “While the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Although you may trust your drivers completely, most drivers will pay extra special attention to their driving if they know the boss can see what they are doing at any given moment.

It is just something we, as humans, do. If we know the boss is looking over our shoulders, we make every effort to avoid getting written up for breaking the rules. This is not to say that your drivers aren’t following the rules, but from their perspective, they will be even more attentive if they know the boss can track their every move.

These are just a few of the reasons why you will want to install DriveCams at your earliest convenience. It is always better to mitigate risks and improve safety. No matter what you want to see, the videos will be there for you to watch. That alone is well worth the investment.