Why Dell SupportAssistant not Working or Responding?

Dell Supportassistant is an active and expert support solution for laptops and tablets. Dell Supportassistant checks the condition of the servers, memory, and other devices in your system. The Dell Supportassistant also helps the user in installing the dell drivers and software in the system.

The most important part is that it is free of cost to users. Yes, free of cost and still stands like a strong supporting pole in the system. In case you want to go for a premium level of Dell Supportassistant, you have to pay for it. Dell Supportassistant is also helpful in detecting unwanted software, file, and viruses.

When you know that many benefits of the Dell Supportassistant then you can depend on it for so many activities. But what if you come to know that Dell supportassist not working? All the activities that were dependent on the Supportassistant get a full stop. Even your system’s ongoing activity will affected due to this issue.

Reason For Dell SupportAssist Not Working

Lots of domestic works and commercial works depend on the working of Dell Supportassistant. A Supportassistant is the core software that maintains the system working condition. Not one, there are many drawbacks if Dell Supportassistant not working like system unable to detect the viruses and unwanted files. But you know it is software and there always some methods to fix software problems.

The reasons behind this problem can be the outdated version of the Dell Supportassistant or options in launch settings. The most common reason can be found as malware, virus, or a heavy corrupted file. These all are enough to affect the functioning of the Supportassistant. Besides Dell’s Supportassistant, you should have anti-virus in your system. It will work to remove unwanted files that can affect Supportassistant.

Dell Supportassistant not working

People get nervous when they notice that Dell Supportassist not working. It feels like a big problem when you get to know that the most important software has stopped working. So, to kick this tension, some methods are given below which can resolve this Dell Supportassistant issue in no time. The steps of all the methods are really simple and easy to apply. Try to apply them and see what results will come.

Methods to Fix Dell SupportAssist Stopped Working

Now, the non-working issue of a Supportassistant can be dealt with easily. An overview has mentioned above about some common that affects the Supportassistant. It is not a big issue that cannot be resolved. Some methods are given below which will help you to resolve the Supportassistant not working issue;

Method 1: Restart your System

  • Restarting is always the first choice to deal with many other problems too.
  • Turn off your system and turn it on again.
  • Run and check Dell’s Supportassistant.
  • This simple trick many times works to change the support system’s working condition.

Method 2: Rename the Dell file

Renaming the dell file is a prior solution to resolve the Supportassistant issue. Go through the steps and apply them to fix the issue.

  • Copy the path of the Dell Supportassistant.
  • Now paste the path in the windows search
  • Like- c:\Program\fo;es\dell\supportassistant\bing\resources
  • After this, again try Dell Supportassistant.
  • Now the Dell supportassistant not working issue may resolved.

Method 3: Update the Dell Supportassistant

An outdated dell Supportassistant cannot work. You need to update it to its latest version from the internet. Even when you update your system to windows then it too gets updated with the windows. After this, the dell supportassistant not working error fixed. When you resolve this issue by updating the Dell Supportassistant then keep in mind to update it from time to time with the latest version.

Method 4: Re-installation of the Dell Supportassistant

Sometimes when installing a file or software; it may not get installed in the proper way to perform its function. To fix this you can follow the below steps;

  • Uninstall the Dell support system from your system.
  • Go to the internet.
  • Search for a direct download link to the Dell support system.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Install the Dell support system in the system.
  • Run it and check it.

Method 5: Check the Virus or Corrupted files

Many times Dell’s Supportassistant get fail to run because of the heavy malware and uncorrupted file existing in the system. These files do not let the dell Supportassistant open or run. To deal with this issue, do follow the given steps;

  • Search Anti-virus in the windows tab.
  • Open the anti-virus and run it.
  • Fix all the corrupted files.
  • Now try the dell Supportassistant again.

Keep in mind that anti-virus is really important to deal with many problems. Always update the system anti-virus and if it paid then keep extending with time.

Method 6: Check the Launch system

Check the launch system settings. Check whether they are on enable mode for every software to run. If the setting disabled for the launch permission to software the enable to all. This will allow the Dell Supportassistant to run.

Method 7: Call Dell Customer Care

If any of the above methods get fail to resolve the Dell Supportassistant problem then you can directly call the customer care service of the Dell. The service operators will surely help you to resolve the Supportassistant problem.

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