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Home » How to create a private or secret chat on Telegram easily?

How to create a private or secret chat on Telegram easily?

how to create a secret chat on Telegram

Creating a private chat on Telegram allows users to protect their personal data, bank details or personal information. Next we tell you everything about how to create a secret chat on Telegram.

How is a secret chat different from a normal one on Telegram?

Telegram offers the possibility of putting an expiration date on the messages. Causing them to be automatically deleted after the established time of validity has elapsed.

This self-destruct mode not predetermined. So if you want to use it you must first activate it, to do so you must access the conversation settings and configure it in the self-destruct section. There you will set the duration of the message before self-destruct.

how to create a secret chat on Telegram

The counter will not start running until the receiver reads the message. Since it is not about the validity time from its creation but from its reading. So you should not worry about your message deleted before fulfilling its mission. Once read and after the estimated time, the message will be deleted for both chat participants.

End-to-end encryption

Telegram is an instant messaging application that is currently gaining ground in the market, its success is due to the characteristics it presents, such as end-to-end encryption in secret messages, in which no one except the sender and receiver have access and the option to create secret chats.

There are many users of other instant messaging who are registering and creating accounts in Telegram.

Characteristics of a secret chat on Telegram

Telegram allows two types of chats, normal and secret. Secret chats add an extra privacy to those conversations that we don’t want anyone else to see. These secret chats have a number of special features.

They not stored on Telegram’s servers. This means that unlike other messaging, we will not be able to recover them even by deleting or closing the Telegram account and installing it again.

Also, since they are stored locally and not on the servers. We will not be able to access them from another device where we have the application configured.

This also valid for photos and videos sent with this mode, only that, unlike normal chats, photos and videos do not show a thumbnail view, only the blurred image seen until it selected to view larger.

The option is also present in normal chats, where we can send photos or videos with expiration time. It will be enough to mark the icon with the clock and set the duration of the file, at the end of this it will be automatically deleted.

Secret messages not shown in notifications and cannot be forwarded. Due to additional security measures, these messages are for exclusive use in the chat to which they belong.

It not allowed to include third parties, nor does it allow taking screenshots. All these conditions must be taken into account when looking for the messages of a secret chat that you cannot find.

Things that cannot done in a private chat on Telegram

The most important thing about a secret chat on Telegram is that the messages are never transferable. They not forwarded, neither to another mobile, nor to another app . This option generally used to share messages with adult content or for financial purposes.

You also cannot keep a message that deleted from the other side of the conversation. By this we mean that the chats synchronised. And when deleting a file, the other side will do it remotely.

We cannot save a message as a favorite, unless the chat does not have an expiration date. Even if the chat is not scheduled to delete, it will delete itself. The stipulated time is uncertain, but after about a week, the chat does not appear

How to start a private or secret chat on Telegram?

Both the secret and the normal chats displayed separately. So we could have a normal and a secret chat with the same person in parallel without affecting the application.

To start a new private conversation we can start the same as a normal chat with the floating pencil icon, only that before selecting the contact we must point out the new secret chat and then choose the contact.

We can also start a private chat from a normal chat. It will be enough to select the name of the contact to open their profile, once there we will open the options menu and select start secret chat. As any application you must download application updates to be able to access the newest features.

Self-destruct messages and media files from a secret chat

Locate the chat you want to apply this function to. Select the time you consider and click on ‘Done’. In this way, your chat will be deleted after that time. You will not be able to change the interval, so think carefully before doing so. After this time, the message will be deleted for the sender and receiver.

How to check the encryption or the operation of a secret Telegram chat?

As we mentioned, the secret chats encrypted from end to end. But if you want to verify that these keys work. You can do it manually, because it is a security system. It is convenient that you do not share this key with anyone you do the process personally.

To see the encryption key you must access from the top bar of the secret chat by entering the encryption key option, here you will see the graphic representation of the code at the top and the text version below it, the code must match on the devices of the chat participants.

Is it possible to use the secret chat function from Telegram Web or the PC application?

If possible. In Telegram web some things change, but putting a secret chat does not. To do so, you just have to start a new chat window . Next, select a contact from your sender list, click on secret chat, and that’s it.

To view the secret chats on the Telegram Web, you must enter ‘menu’. As in mobile Telegram, it is also on the left side. Click on ‘hidden chats’ and view the chats that have not yet been destroyed.