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How to Put Full Screen in VirtualBox?

Full Screen in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is one of the best known free programs. It is a Hypervisor or virtual machine manager. That allows us to create virtual computers to install different operating systems in a totally secure way. One of the most common doubts among users is how to put the full screen mode in VirtualBox. We explain it to you in a very simple way.

Full screen mode in VirtualBox with “Host + F”

The easiest way to access full screen mode in VirtualBox is to use the ” Host + F ” key combination. And what is the host key? It is the Control located to the right of the keyboard, we should not confuse it with the one on the left, which is the one normally used.

When pressing this key combination, a pop-up window will appear to warn us that VirtualBox will start working in full screen mode. It also tells us that we can return to window mode by pressing the “Host + F” combination again.

We accept the warning by clicking on ” Change “, and we will see how our virtual machine starts to run in full screen mode. You can also check the option so that this window not displayed again.

VirtualBox full screen mode may not work properly when doing this. Don’t worry we will offer you a solution later in this article.

Put full screen in VirtualBox with menu

Another way to put VirtualBox in full screen mode is to resort to this program’s menu. That found at the top of the interface.

Specifically, we must access the ” View ” tab of the VirtualBox virtual machine menu, and then click on the ” Full screen mode ” option.

By doing this VirtualBox will automatically go to full screen mode

Automatic VirtualBox full screen mode with Guest Additions

VirtualBox has a very interesting function, which makes the size and resolution of the virtual machine automatically adjust when resizing the virtual machine window. For this to work you must install the Guest Additions.

To do this you must go back to the virtual machine menu. In this case you must access the ” Devices ” tab and then choose the option ” Insert CD image of the << Guest Additions >> “.

After that, a notification will appear in the virtual machine’s operating system that a CD inserted in the disk drive. The installation process varies depending on the system, but will normally start automatically.

In the unlikely event that the installation does not start automatically. You will need to use the file explorer of the operating system you are using on the virtual machine to open the Guest Additions. Inside you will find all the files necessary for its installation in the different operating systems.

From here on, the process is different for each operating system. You just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

After installing the Gust Additions, you will need to restart the virtual machine. Once restarted, the size and resolution will automatically adapt when resizing the window.

This is where our tutorial on how to use VirtualBox’s full screen mode. One of the most interesting functions of this program, but one that many users are unaware of.