How to choose a Qualified Sexologist in Jaipur for Sex problems?

Due to fast track city life and hectic schedule, there is an increase in the number of cases reported for sexual problems. If you are looking for the sex doctor  who can help you to have proper erection, cure any sort of dysfunction, improve ejaculation, get rid of nightfall and dhat syndrome, treat peyronie disease and many othewr sexual problems than you should visit IASH India for qualified sexologist in Jaipur.

Sexologist in Jaipur

Who is Sexologist?

A sexologist is a qualified and well versed expert who understands human sexual behaviors and interests and other factors contributing to sexology. He is well trained and experienced to use various tools from several fields such as psychology, sociology, criminology, biology, epidemiology, and medicine to treat your sexual problems.

Difference Between Sexology and Andrology

  • Sexology is the study of human sexuality and its attributes.
  • Andrology deals with male reproductive organs and urological problems related to men.
  • A sexologist deals with human sexual behavior, sexual interest, and functions, while an andrologist is expert to treat male infertility.

Qualification Of Sexolgist in Jaipur 

A sexologist needs to complete his MBBS and MS in andrology or sexolgy. They  then have to do fellowship under guidance of the department head of the sexual health hospital. If they are using any new scientifically developed  technology and medicine they should have proper training and whereabouts the treatments. They should be well aware about the side effects and dosage of tablets, pills and other drugs for male enhancement. 

How to choose the Qualified Sexologist in Jaipur

You should consider these points while picking a sexologist in Jaipur.

  • Experience: You should look for the experience of the doctor, where he has worked in the past and total experience as a sexologist.
  • Qualification: You should look for the qualification of a doctor, from where he has done his MBBS, MD, or fellowship.
  • Privacy: This is one of the most important points while choosing a sexologist in Jaipur. You should look out for how much confidential they keep their client data.
  • Reviews: You should look for reviews of sexologists, both online and offline reviews.
  • Cost of treatment.
  • Distance from your home to a clinic or hospital.
  • Services and treatments provided by a sexologist. 

When You Should Visit A Sexologist In Jaipur?

When You Should Visit A Sexologist In Jaipur?

When a man in Jaipur encounters any sexual problem he needs to speak out to experts who can diagnose the sexual problem, understand the symptoms of sexual issues , point out the real cause of the problem and recommend a  sexaul problem’s treatments. There is no one better than a sexologist or andrologist in Jaipur. 

Here are some reasons why you should visit a sexologist in Jaipur:

  • Penis enlargement surgery: As women look for breast augmentation men also prefer to get penis enlargement surgery to enhance their sexual experience. Sexologists in Jaipur have the latest technology of international standard and authentic training to have male enhancement treatment at affordable cost.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment : Erectile dysfunction is the common problem In men in India  where they are not able to hold or have an erection for more than a minute. This eventually can lead to depression and anxiety in men and also create trouble in relationships. Serologist can help to improve erection by supporting proper blood flow in the groin.
  • Experiencing Pain during or after Consummating : A frequent or sudden pain while having intercourse can be an early sign of sexual problem. If you or your partner have any pain or discomfort during or while sex, then visit  serologist in Jaipur as early as possible. The reason behind the pain can either be any sort of infection or ulcers, or selling of the prostate. If not treated on time it can lead to life threatening diseases. 
  • Premature Erection Treatment : When a man cannot hold the stimulation and reach an orgasm within a few seconds, he ejaculates  his semen way before the other partner is satisfied. This common problem is referred to as premature ejaculation and has a negative effect on relationships. Sexologists in Jaipur help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles through rehabilitation or medication to treat PE.
  • Performance Anxiety: The social pressure or unreasonable expectations can lead to anxiety during intercourse causing performance anxiety. Sexologist in jaipur will help with counselling session to treat the problem.
  • Low sex drive: The testerones hormones  are responsible for sexual drive in men. In case if a men has low libido or suffer from low sex drive sexologist in Jaipur will help to increase sexual drive through medication on guide on exercised and eating habits to cure it naturally.
Facts About Sexual Problems and Age

Facts About Sexual Problems and Age 

  1. 25 in men and 34 in women is the general age for sexual problems. 
  2. 40% of patients reported they first experienced erectile dysfunction between 60-69 years.
  3. One in five men is affected by premature ejaculation between the age of 18 to 60 years old. 

Top sexologist in Jaipur

Dr. Chirag Bhandari

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a highly trained sexologist and an andrologiest based in Jaipur. He is the founder and director of IASH India. 

  1. Experience : More than 7 years in the field of sexology.
  2. Qualifications : MBBS, MS (Pune).
  3. Fellowship: Fellowship in Andrology (University College London Hospital, London, UK).
  4. Membership: Member of The European Committee of Sexual Medicine.
  5. Special Trainings: Training in Penile Enlargements (South Korea). Training in Penile Prosthesis (Wilson Memorial Research and Training Centre for Penile Prosthetic Surgery, Seoul).

Dr. R Grover

Dr. R Grover is the owner of Dr. R Grover’s clinic and research center.

  1. Fellowship: Council of sex education and parenthood.
  2. Membership:  He is a member of the Ayush Medical Association and Indian Association for sexology. 

Dr. Amit Joshi

Dr. Amit Joshi is a diabetologist and sexologist in Jaipur.

Qualification:  MBBS – Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur (SMS College), 2000.

Takeaway of The Blog

If you belong from Jaipur or nearby areas and facing any of these problems and looking for the best sexologist in Jaipur, then you should consult Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH India. Dr. Chirag Bhandari has completed his fellowship from University College London Hospital, London, UK.

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