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How Massage Therapy Can Help With Chronic Pain?

Massage Therapy

Most people seek massage therapy to unwind hectic days. However, many people still don’t know how effective it is for chronic pain. However, massage used in ancient history to treat chronic pain and is still as effective as in the older times.
So you can learn self-massage techniques, sign up with a professional massage therapist. Or get specifically-engineered massager products by to help you deal with chronic pain.

Before we discuss the power of massage therapy to help chronic pain. Let’s take a look at the definition of chronic pain and its effects on an individual’s daily life. Read on!

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is basically consistent pain that lasts longer than three months, irrespective of using other treatment methods. It is usually caused by an injury or an underlying condition. This pain can restrict individuals from living a happy, healthy life. As it’s not easier for them to move and focus on things effectively and easily.

It can also lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Massage Therapy

How Can Massage Therapy Help and Treat Chronic Pain?

Message therapy can help one’s physical as well as mental health in a number of ways. Especially when they suffer from chronic pain syndrome.

Increases Happy Hormones in the Body

People who deal with chronic pain have high levels of stress hormones called cortisol in their bodies. Increased levels of stress hormones can exacerbate the symptoms of chronic pain. As they tighten up the muscles and restrict mobility even more.

This can make it harder for you to lead a healthy life and make healthy life choices. An individual also finds it harder to sleep at night due to extreme pain.

Therefore, massage helps you to reduce stress hormones and, in return, releases happy hormones like dopamine which are necessary for the feelings of joy and to make you highly motivated.

In terms of pain, these hormones facilitate you to “think positively” about your chronic pain and as thoughts have a great effect on how you manage stress and pain, you feel less pain in your body.

Enhances Blood Flow  

Pain in the different parts of your body caused by the stiffening of tissues and muscles. This, in return, restricts the smooth circulation of blood in your body.

Massage therapy allows the muscles to loosen up and improves the blood flow in your body. This significantly helps with the symptoms of chronic pain.

Moreover, patients tend to sleep better when their muscles relaxed. Which allows their immune system to work more effectively to avoid any infections and diseases down the line.

Blocks the Pain Gates

Massage therapy stimulates the large nerves in your body. Therefore, they take priority over the pain signals that transmit to the brain.

This basically blocks the pain gates rather than sending the information to the brain and makes you feel relaxed and calm.

Hence, massage therapy has a long-lasting effect on patients with chronic pain. And it has been proven to work wonders along with other treatments such as physiotherapy.