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When you feel lonely, Follow this

Spending time lonely by yourself, brings many positive influences on the personal self. But, not every time you feel that relaxed and healed after being alone for a while. Sometimes you get bored and really wish for someone to be with. 

And such situations are hard to tackle. So what to do when you feel lonely inside or if you are moving to a new place alone, then how to adjust yourself, and this guide is for your support. See what else you can do to avoid being bored and alone anymore. 

1. Stop blaming yourself. 

You are alone and not a loser. So stop pushing yourself and dragging yourself into the negativity. Not every time you are responsible for what you feel and experience in a particular situation. It’s okay to be alone, it’s okay to isolate yourself when you are not feeling comfortable with some people. 

You are here to be with those like-minded people who understand and value you right. So stop expecting everyone to accept you or to be like someone else.  You can also refer to some life lessons blog and websites to uplift your mood and build the confidence that you required.

2. Check why you are feeling so. 

To solve the problem you face, first you need to understand the problem well. You can’t expect the answer straight out nowhere, when you don’t realize the core of the problematic situation. So first accept that you feel lonely, accept that you are alone. 

Next, see the reasons why you are feeling alone, is it you who keep apart from others or it’s others who stop talking with you. We have other options when you decide to live sometime alone, that we’re going to share next.

But, when someone closed stopped talking with you, see what bothers them and do something like apologize, discuss with them freely and do something required to save your connections. 

3. Open up and show interest to make connections. 

Maybe you are an introvert and feeling shy to say hi to new people or you just shifted to a new place and have zero contact with this new place. In such a case, be bold and show up a little bit. Start going out and show interest that you are available to meet new people. 

Never expect people to come at your door and make a first move. Take your first step, go and connect with them. Stop overthinking and fear of being judged, just reach out to others and introduce yourself, especially when you are at the new place.

4. Contact your old friends or former connections.

Of course, reaching out to new people will not be that easy for you and you also have to take the mindful decisions. But, till the time, you can contact your already connections and have some time to feel connected. 

Reconnect with your school friend, colleagues or even neighbours, when you feel lonely. Rewind those old times and exchange memories that you both had earlier. It can be anything from call, text or to reach out to them on social media. But, above all meeting them face to face is the best option to cure your loneliness. 

5. Be part of the communities and engagement groups online. 

Well, you are at a new place with zero connection and the next step you can take is to connect with new people here. Look for some group activities and communities to join, that may support you to come out of a lonely period. When you show interest in connecting with others, you will get opportunities from anywhere. 

Online or offline within your area, search for some groups to connect and be part of. From business groups, golf clubs, to online meetups, you have lots of opportunities to meet like-minded people. Just take active interest and you will welcome many people in your life. 

6. Do something interesting, when alone. 

Loneliness makes the best time to do something that makes you feel complete and things you are passionate about. Whether it’s about learning something or working on your side projects, alone times is all yours to do what you want. 

Furthermore, from praising guitar to cooking for yourself and there are so many things for you to do, by yourself, for yourself. Don’t just lay on the couch thinking, you are lonely and bored, stand up and do something interesting to make your mood. 

7. Go outside and Do something. 

When you are someone and feeling lonely, you will stay bored and alone, of course. Instead of rushing to watch TV or social media, prefer to go out and try something new. You can go to a grocery store, mall and shop for yourself. Or else you can practice basketball on the nearest ground. 

Staying at home, in front of the TV will make you bored instead. So if you are at a new place, then take a walk at your nearest park, collect some info about this new environment and find ways to adjust with it. Especially when you just moved to new place recently, to avoid your loneliness, go out more often and be open for new connections. 

8. Adopt a pet. 

We are not forcing you to make connections when you are not comfortable. Moreover, if you want to give some time to adjust to a new place before meeting new people, that’s totally fine. But, our next suggested option is to adopt a pet. Sounds interesting, right!! Of course, it is. Having a pet at home will make you feel connected and not lonely anymore. 

Unquestionably, dogs make the perfect companion when you are living alone or moved to a new place. Their presence is enough to feel like someone is home. Your time will not be that boring and tiresome anymore, when there is your dog in your house. Having dogs comes with the many responsibilities along. And who knows you get a chance to connect more people while regularly going for a walk with a dog. That could happen, though. 

Final thoughts

Living alone and being isolated is the two different concepts and people react to it in their own ways. And to feel lonely you don’t have to isolate yourself. Sometimes you feel lonely at a party with the hundred people around. Same as you can be confident and happy, living alone

But, especially when you move to a new place, making a new connection of course takes time. But, following the above suggestions you can truly overcome this loneliness stage. 

Do you have any extra things to add in this post, then let us know how you suvice this lonely time, we are curious to know that.