Guide to Body Hair Removal: 3 Methods to Stay Hair-Free

Before committing to a hair removal session, read up so you’ll know what to expect from the procedure. You’ll also want to compare treatment centres to make sure you’re going to the right team. Here’s a quick guide to three common body hair removal methods. 

  1. Waxing

Waxing is a straightforward process. 

You apply the wax on the target area, let it cool down, and then pull it off. It can be painful if your hair is long, and you have a low tolerance for pain.  It helps to apply an anti-inflammatory cream in the area to avoid flare-ups. 

You can wax on your own or head to a salon. Either way, it helps to grow your hair a little so the wax has something to hold on to. If you come to the salon with long hair, the aesthetician may trim it first for you.

Waxing works by pulling out the hair follicle and not just the hair you’re seeing. This helps new hairs to come in finer. 

The advantage of waxing is that it’s more affordable than other hair removal options. But before saying yes to it, start with a test patch first to see if your skin will respond well to the treatment.

  1. Laser Hair Removal 

All hair goes through a growth cycle. First, they come in, then they rest, and finally, they fall off. But, body hair does not grow at the same pace. Leg, underarm, and pubic hair grow at different lengths and speeds. 

Laser hair removal is most effective during the active growth phase. But it has to be done more often to target other hair follicles. This hair removal option is more expensive than others but it promises permanent results. 

You’ll find several types of lair hair removal treatment, and one of the most common is the IPL hair removal. You can use the IPL device at home or get treated at an aesthetic center. 

IPL hair removal instrument uses a broad wavelength to deliver beams of energy into the skin. Another type is the AFT treatment, which is comparable to IPL, but it uses narrower wavelengths and also comes with a cooling system for a more comfortable hair removal experience. 

  1. Shaving 

This is the fastest and cheapest way to get rid of body hair. There’s no arguing with that. But the downside with it is that you also have to do it more often, which can be tedious. 

Since the hair isn’t removed from the roots, they tend to go back again after a few days. And if you’re not careful enough, you also run the risk of irritating or bruising your skin. 

If you need a quick fix for an event tonight, this may work. But you might want to research first which razor product works smoothly. And most importantly, avoid shaving aggressively. 

Prioritise safety for hair removal procedures

Whether you’re looking for a lasting or semi-permanent hair removal solution, always put safety first. It’s never practical to save money at first, only to deal with stress later on due to poor quality work.  

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