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Here Are 3 Advantages Of Using Zippered Mattress Cover

Here Are 3 Advantages Of Using Zippered Mattress Cover

Have you found yourself getting allergy every morning? Or you don’t feel as comfortable on your full electric hospital beds as you once used to do? This can be due to the problematic mattress of yours. There is just one way out of this problem, i.e., by opting for a suitable mattress cover. For this, you will find two options in the market: zippered mattress cover and fitted mattress covers. We have brought here three reasons why you should go for the zippered alternative instead of the fitted one.

1 Better Mattress Protection

Fitted covers only protect the hospital bed mattress topper from the top and sides, leaving the bottom open for all dust particles and allergens. This can become a significant problem for you as well as for the mattress. As one of its sides is kept open, it may get dirty and damaged sooner. On the other hand, zippered mattress protectors don’t have any such issue. They keep the mattress protected from all sides.

So the dust mites and allergens stay away. Plus, you get a variety of clothes to choose from. You need to pick the one that resists these problems explicitly. They have a measure of permeability known as the micronaire. You have to look for the smallest micronaire reading because it indicates smaller fabric pores. Thus, you and the mattress gets proper protection.

2 No Excessive Care

With fitted mattress covers, you need to maintain both the protector and mattress. As the protector leaves your mattress open from one side, it gets dirty from there. Therefore, you will have to clean it every now and then for remaining away from the dust and dirt. Plus, the protector itself will require some care, and you will have to wash it again and again. But with a zippered mattress protector, you can get rid of all this hassle.

On one side, it keeps the mattress adequately covered, so you need not clean it often. On the other side, the protector doesn’t require much maintenance. Once you put it up, you can leave it on the mattress for a long time. There are much less cleaning and maintenance issues. You can even use these outdoors, and they won’t let the mattress get spoilt.

3 Doesn’t Let Heat And Moisture Enter

Along with the other two benefits, zippered mattress cover are designed to keep your body’s heat and moisture out. You must know that these two factors aid in creating suitable conditions for allergens and dust mites. So when the zippered mattress protector keeps them out, you won’t face any problems.

This also lets the mattress surface remain cooler and dryer, creating a more suitable place for you to sleep. Therefore, once you opt for these protectors, you will observe your sleep getting better.


These were the major three benefits of zippered mattress covers. You can see that you will be able to live a better life and get more sound sleep with these protectors’ help. This wasn’t possible with the fitted mattress covers. So don’t delay and buy the zippered protectors for your mattress now to observe these changes.