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Hair Growth Treatments to Cure Hair Loss

hair growth treatments to cure hair loss

The rate of hair loss increases with age and Hair Growth rate decreases. Sometimes the rate accelerates with health conditions caused by various factors. Your genetic composition can cause some health conditions that would lead to hair loss—also, treatment for some terminal diseases like cancer. 

How to Diagnose Hair Loss

You can notice hair loss at home—breakage and shedding increase. You even see bald patches on your scalp. Other times, the hair will thin out until it breaks. You will notice thinning at the hairline and an increase in hair breakage. Malnutrition hair would also change color and texture. 

You can have a blood test to know the root cause of your hair loss. Alternatively, the doctor can run a pull test. Here, they gently pull several strands of hair. They observe how many strands come out. Then they can give you a report of the shedding stage. 

Scalp biopsy is another process to determine the cause of hair loss. The doctor will scrape a small piece of the scalp to pull out a few strands from the root. They will then observe the specimen under the microscope; The process checks whether it’s an infection causing hair loss. 

The last diagnosis process is light microscopy. The process helps detect the problem in the hair shaft. If the lab technician notices a defect, they can project the cause of hair loss. 


Here are several treatment processes. You choose the method depending on the stage of hair loss, the urgency of the treatment, and your budget. You should assess the safety of the treatment. Many people seek a permanent hair loss solution; A hair transplant is the only available permanent solution to hair loss. Other’s are temporary and semi-permanent. 

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant was first done in the 1950s. The practice started to gain popularity in the 1990s. There was an evolution in the methods. Currently, we have two save transplants. They are the FUT and FUE hair transplant. 

Hair transplant involves extracting hair follicles from one part to the affected area. It is a process that needs you to dedicate a whole day to the doctor. It takes at least five years to complete. 

In an FUE hair transplant, the doctor extracts one follicle at a time. They store them before they extract enough grafts for transplant. Then, they transfer the grafts to the affected area. 

The process is painless and with minimum risks. You experience mild side effects that fade away with time. You only take painkillers and antibiotics to suppress pain and avoid infections.

Topical Treatment

These are treatments that you need to apply to your scalp. You can get a variety of drugs over the counter. However, Minoxidil 5% is reported to be the most effective topical treatment.

The minimum time you are supposed to take the treatment is three months. Usually, the pharmacist will sell you a three months package. Then, you should apply twice a day on your scalp if you are a man. Women should apply once a day. There’s a contraindication for pregnant and lactating mothers. 

There are plenty of products with minoxidil. They help reverse hair loss by activating dormant hair follicles; The method is effective but unsustainable. You will need to continue using minoxidil to sustain hair growth. In the end, it is an expensive hair loss remedy. 

You can get a few side effects with this method of hair loss reversal. First, you can get unwanted hair growth on areas adjacent to where you applied. You can also experience scalp irritation. 

Prescription Drugs

Men can take Propecia to slow down hair loss. In some cases, some men witness new hair growth. If you are taking the drug for hair growth, you will need to observe your hair for a few months. If you do not witness new hair growth, you should discontinue the treatment and seek an alternative. You should save up for a permanent solution like an FUE hair transplant. 

Prescription drugs for hair loss have a few and rare side effects. Some men would experience a reduction in sex drive. Pregnant women should not touch crushed Propecia tablets. 


Several shampoos help in hair growth. Many work through clearing fungi that leads to hair loss. Other natural products help in reviving dormant hair follicles. Some shampoos require a prescription, especially medicinal shampoos. The rest you can find in beauty shops. 

Lifestyle Change 

Some causes of hair loss are due to your lifestyle. You can change your lifestyle and witness hair growth after a few months. The first step to a lifestyle change is in your diet. The nutrients you take, in turn, contribute to the development of hair cells. 

Smokers are highly likely to experience hair loss. They make up a significant percentage of hair transplant patients. Thus, you can reverse the hair loss problem by quitting smoking. 

Stress is another cause of hair loss. You could address the issue causing you stress. Reduced stress will make the hormones work to the optimum. Then, you will increase your hair growth rate. You can supplement these lifestyle changes with a daily scalp massage. If you cannot manage daily massage, ensure you get one at least thrice a week. You should use essential oils and a carrier oil to prevent breakage during the massage. Also, be gentle on your scalp to prevent irritation. 

Natural Remedies

There are several natural remedies to reverse hair loss. All the methods need some patience to notice a change; You can get all the local market ingredients.

The first remedy is a healthy hair care routine. Ensure you clean and deep condition your scalp at least twice a month. Moisturize your hair to prevent breakage and shedding. 

Aloe vera is a standard hair loss solution. You can use it as a gel or a hair mask- It soothes the scalp and acts as an antifungal and antioxidant. 

You can use several oils that promote hair growth. They include peppermint oil, coconut oil, argan oil, geranium oil, fish oil, etc. Besides oils, other natural products help. Other natural products help in hair growth. They include shea butter, chebe powder, bamboo tea, bamboo ash, and others. 


There are plenty of hair growth treatments. You can get them in hospitals or through home remedies. FUE hair transplant is thought to be the best hair loss remedy. However, it may be expensive for some people. That’s why there exist other temporary hair loss remedies.