How to Avoid PRP Hair Treatment Side-Effects?

No denial, several unrestrained factors, including (stress, anxiety, pollution, hormonal disturbance and genetic disorder) have increased hair loss problems globally. Luckily, technical advancement and improvement in the health sector have made it convenient to get rid of hair fall quickly. Indeed, there are several ways to treat hair loss, but PRP hair treatment is quite adequate, and it has shown promising results worldwide.

The remarkable thing about PRP therapy is that its injection is safe with nonexistent side-effects. Precisely, you can opt for this treatment without any fear of side-effects.

However, before choosing this treatment for hair fall, it is quite necessary to know some basic facts about it. For instance, it is interesting to mention that the serum used for hair treatment is autologous. It means that the surgeons use your blood to create this injectable medicine.

The finest thing about using your tissue for the treatment is that it doesn’t cause any significant side-effects. Resultant, your hair follicles start stimulating and help in enhancing the process of regrowing hair.


Minor and Negligible Reactions of PRP Hair Therapy 

As mentioned earlier, PRP treatment uses your tissue for hair growth. So, does it mean that the treatment is 100% safe and secure?

Indeed, your body can’t reject its tissue. That’s why; there isn’t any substantial side-effect of this treatment.

However; it is quite common to experience some minor and negligible side-effects, including;

  • You can expect some pain in the harvested side of the blood. Also, it is quite normal to feel pain on the injected side of the scalp.
  • Generally, the soreness lasts for three to four days. For this, your doctor recommends some medication or painkiller.
  • Generally, patients feel little pain during the treatment. Therefore, your surgeon applies topical ointment on the scalp to make the procedure less invasive for you.
  • Remember, the injection goes only 1mm to 1.5mm into the scalp, so there is less probability of feeling pain and discomfort during the treatment.
  • It is normal to experience redness at the injected site of the scalp. It is temporary and subsides within 3 to 4 days. However, you can apply ice on the scalp’s infected side, but you should know that redness is a significant sign of the treatment.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to avoid direct exposure to the sun and wear a hat for this purpose. Such remedies surely speed-up the healing process.
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PRP Therapy and Its Effectiveness for Hair Loss

The precise answer to this concern is that ‘PRP is an effective treatment to slow down the process of hair fall’. However, scalp type and hair fall problem vary from patient to patient. That’s why; the success rate isn’t similar for each patient.

According to the research study by the National Centre of Biotechnology Information, PRP therapy is effective than several types of hair care medicines, including Minoxidil etc.

As per the research findings, the treatment is preferable with long-lasting results. Conversely, hair care medicines reduce hair fall procedure for a brief time.

So, patients with PRP treatment enjoy better and stable yields compared to other short-term treatments.

So, your blood type and plasma mainly determine the ultimate results. Excellent and healthy plasma always assures better results and vice versa.

When PRP Therapy Starts Showing its Results?

The perfect thing about PRP hair treatment is that it guarantees long-lasting results with no side-effects. Since it’s a natural healing process, so can experience evident results gradually.

Generally, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to experience new hair growth after your first injection. Your hair grows an inch after each moment, but the growth varies from person to person.

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However, you need to wait for 12 months to see exact results. Usually, six sessions (after four weeks) are enough to stimulate hair growth. But, your hair type can decide the final results.

How to Avoid PRP Therapy Side-Effects

One of the best ways to avoid PRP therapy’s side-effects is to take preventive measures seriously. For this, you need to follow do’s and don’ts properly.

However, don’t forget follow-up appointments with your surgeon, as necessary, to examine your progress. Remember, you have to take health issues seriously and consult your surgeon if you observe something unusual.

You have to follow proper diet plans as it is an ideal way to experience good results. Minor negligence and ignorance can harm your hair treatment.

PRP Hair Therapy and it’s Future

Surely, PRP hair treatment is a safe and secure option to consider. That’s why; it is suggested to opt for this option to reduce hair fall.

However, it is preferable to choose a professional hair transplant surgeon for this treatment. The experienced surgeon knows how to bring precision to the results, so choose wisely.

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