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12 Interesting Facts About Chiropractic Care 

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor before, like the team at Colorado’s Governor’s Park Chiropractic, then it’s natural to have quite a few questions. After all, visiting a chiropractor isn’t quite the same as seeing your general practitioner. Chiropractic care is a manual form of therapy that involves hands-on adjustments to realign the musculoskeletal system. When realigned, the patient can experience a range of health benefits. Here, we’re taking a closer look into the world of chiropractic care and learning 12 interesting facts about this approach to care. 

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a unique form of treatment that is ideal for treating a range of different injuries, diseases, and ailments. Chiropractors are licensed medical professionals with extensive experience and training working with the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic adjustments can prove effective at relieving pain, improving mobility throughout the body, improving nervous system health, and even boosting your mental health.

Interesting Facts About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care, at its core, consists of a series of spinal manipulations that realigns the spine to its proper musculoskeletal positioning. When the spine is realigned, the body experiences a range of health benefits and can begin to heal naturally. That’s another key advantage of chiropractic care. Compared to other types of treatment, chiropractic works with the body, not against it, to promote effective healing and recovery. 

12 Interesting Facts About Chiropractic Care

Take a look at some of the most interesting facts about chiropractic care below:

1. The word “chiropractic” comes from a combination of two Greek words. First, “cheir” which means hand, which is combined with “praktos” which means done. Thus, chiropractic essentially means “done by hand.”

2. To become a Doctor of Chiropractic, someone must attend a 4-year doctoral program. This includes over 4,000 hours of work in the lab, classroom, and spent on clinical internships. 

3. Over 50 million Americans will visit a chiropractor each year.

4. Around the world, there are over 100,000 practicing chiropractors. This means that there’s a good chance you can find a chiropractor near you.

5. Even infants and young children can benefit from chiropractic care. This type of therapy is truly for everyone.

6. Every NFL team has a chiropractor on staff.

7. Chiropractic care can help you avoid invasive treatments like back surgery or prescription pain medication.

8. Receiving regular chiropractic care (even if you aren’t injured) can help boost your overall health and wellness.

9. That popping sound you hear during an adjustment? It’s totally safe. That’s just air escaping your joints, just like the sound you’d hear when cracking your knuckles.

10.  There are many different types of chiropractic adjustments, including spinal manipulation, the Gonstead method, the diversified technique, the Activator method, and more.

11.  In 1895, Daniel David Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment. The Palmer College of Chiropractic is named in his honor.

12.  For the vast majority of patients, chiropractic adjustments are completely pain-free. In fact, most patients say they feel relaxed and pleasant. 

Conclusion – 12 Interesting Facts About Chiropractic Care

In recent years, it’s no secret that chiropractic care has surged in popularity. As a safe and holistic approach to care, more and more patients are opting to visit a chiropractor. As you can see, chiropractic care has a long and interesting history. Even more interesting: this treatment can help a wide range of patients. 

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, shoulder pain, limited mobility, joint issues, or even headaches or migraines, you should consider the distinct benefits of chiropractic care. Even if you aren’t experiencing an injury or ailment, visiting a chiropractor can help keep you in top shape. And after all, if most pro sports teams have a chiropractor on staff, they must be doing something right.