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Top 10 Backlink Strategies Which will Rank You Higher in 2022

Top 10 Backlink Strategies

Backlinks are a crucial part of online marketing. They help improve your website’s traffic, ranking, reputation, and even relationships.

Most SEO professionals agree that link-building is a powerful method to include in your marketing strategies.

Backlinks play an important role in improving your search engine ranking. Backlinks are the top search ranking element for Google. The more high-quality backlinks you can get to your Website, the stronger of your chance ranking higher

In this article, we will tell you how to get Backlinks using some strategies that anyone can try easily.

A backlink is a link that comes to your website from another website. Backlinks are also known as inbound links or external links. The link could be placed in a text, on an image, or as a button as long as the source is a different website all of these connections count as backlinks.

Top 10 Backlink Strategies

Backlinks are very valuable and important for SEO. They provide a “vote of confidence” for the website and content. Pages with the highest number of backlinks tend to rank higher.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks count as one of the most valuable components for Google search. These are basically votes from other’s websites, each of these votes tells the search engines that your content is precious and valuable. If many sites link to your webpage or your website so search engines can infer that your content is worth liking and also worth surfacing on SERP (search engine result page), so earning these Backlinks can improve your site’s ranking and search visibility.

Top 10 Backlink Strategies That you Should Follow

These are some of the best and easiest Backlink strategies in 2022.

Write Guest Post

Guest posting is a popular and excellent way to get backlinks and it’s a tried and tested tactic. In fact, most SEO professionals build backlinks with a guest post.

In guest posting, many websites offer contributor accounts or write for us section where anyone can write an article and get featured on the site. Even they let you link to your site either in the author bio section or within the text of the content.

You get a chance to infiltrate a new audience and show them the value of your brand.

Built Broken Links

The Broken link-building tactic is a quick and easy way to get more backlinks. Broken links are those links that no longer exist and work on the website. Find those broken links in your sector and create replacement content to fill these broken resources.

You have to target competitor sites and look for broken content links on their site. For doing this you can use a broken link tool like the one Ahrefs offered. When you find a broken link, you can run this URL through a Backlink checking tool Ahrefs also has a backlink checker tool. 

Analyze Your Competitor

Find your peak competitors by seeing the domains you share the most common backlinks with.

Measure your top contender’s backlinks profile size and search for their built and lost links for the time period.

Look for your missing opportunities based on your top contender’s backlinks. 

Write worthy content

Creating worthy and shareable content is one of the best strategies to generate Backlinks. The issue is that most web pages don’t usually get traffic and if your content gets no traffic then nobody is backlinking to your website. That is why marketers say they create content that is especially to designed to get backlinks.

To get more backlinks to your content create original and unique content that bloggers and industry experts can link back to your website. 

Design High-Quality Content

Creating top-notch content is the most common way to get more backlinks.  What you have to do is to create some worthy content that the other bloggers and experts can use and link back to your site.

This could be a time profound tactic but it’s worth using. You can generate various types of content like you write how to write blogs, and articles, you can run quizzes, create guides, and create list posts,

For example, if you are interested in sports like cricket then you can write an article about cricket history and how to play cricket. You can create a list of posts about top cricket players.

Use Graphics to Get Backlinks

You can use graphics to get Backlinks along with writing content.

Graphics are visual representations of data of the content. Graphics helps to make content easier to understand. They provide a quick overview of the topic and break down the tough concept in simple visuals.

By creating helpful infographics you may help other content creators, they might use your visual content in their content or blogs and give you backlinks as the original creator of the infographics.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer to create infographics. You create one by yourself by using online tools

Communicate with other Industry Expert

Connect with other experts in the industry -whether it’s through social media, events, or other networking. They might help to show your site and content to more people and they might link back to your site.

For instance, join some relevant Facebook groups. Start a conversation joins the group discussion, and share your links. Don’t share your links oftentimes otherwise, you will end up being a spammer. Here you just have to do is share the information which you think might be helpful to people in the community. If people like your information they might end up linking back to you.

Provide a Testimonial

Did you know that you can leverage testimonials to get backlinks?

Customers oftentimes rely on testimonials and reviews to buy something.

Write a blog that highlights the product and features of that product then mention the owner’s site, they might link to your content and share it on social media. Or if any site has space for users to leave reviews, then that’s the easy way to get started.

Exchange Links

Some SEO professionals exchange links to strengthen their backlink tactic. This is a great tit-for-tat strategy.

Search for a list of complementary websites that have the same audience target but are not in direct competition for instance you are a software company that offers maturity assessment to consultants. You may find websites that fulfill your niche consultant that doesn’t directly compete with you by offering complementary services. On the other hand, you could exchange links with software and companies different from yours.

Straightly write them and offer to backlink to their content in your blogs in return for backlinks to your websites in theirs.

Skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique is used for link building that follows a process-

  1. Search for successful content that has lots of links.
  2. Create better content than that.
  3. Promote that content to those who linked to the original piece.

How does the Skyscraper technique work?

To prefer the Skyscraper technique, create the best piece of content that includes all aspects of the topic and gives information in detail, and makes it better than the rest of the content.

People are attracted to the best of the best things. Your content should be good over other content that people want to link to other options.


These were some of the best tactics to earn backlinks.

Have a better idea to start with your Backlink Strategies. Hopefully, by now you are prepared with top backlinks strategies.

Not every attempt will earn you a backlink but it only takes a few qualities to make an impact.