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Backlinks from Wikipedia? here are 3 ways to get them (free)

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backlinks from Wikipedia

If getting a backlink is really very important for anyone involved in SEO , getting a link from Wikipedia is not at all simple, however coveted.

The backlinks are tools that let you acquired authority and generate organic traffic to your site, and as a result most of these links are authoritative , more authority also earns the site you can climb the SERP and get a good ranking .

The backlinks from Wikipedia are obviously very advantageous for two reasons:

  • They can be used for any type of topic, since Wikipedia is a digital encyclopedia that deals with various topics
  • Google attributes to Wikipedia a very high ranking thanks to the quality of the content it publishes: so a link from Wikipedia guarantees an excellent return of traffic
  • Wikipedia has a large number of visitors, more than 80 million a day
  • They are very authoritative links and to which people who do research online will rely.

So getting backlinks from Wikipedia is still very important today and can make a difference for a site. However, it requires a little effort because it is not easy and because Wikipedia does not get paid for links (it is not like me … you can see that it has no mortgages and leasing to pay hahaha).

Link Building Activities

The Link Building activity necessary to obtain a link from the most famous free encyclopedia of the network cannot be bought or sold: Wikipedia is a non-profit company that in its purposes has to keep information as free as possible and quality, without funding. Consequently, he would never accept to build a backlink artificially (for that there are already those who, like myself, can do for you what has already been done for them ).

So here’s how to get backlinks from Wikipedia in an honest and above all functional way, without problems (and using some tried and tested tricks very useful).

In practice, how to do it?

To get backlinks from Wikipedia you can basically follow three ways:

Get direct links to your site.

  1. To get direct links to the site you have to propose yourself: consequently you need to register on Wikipedia, create an account, look for a suitable article to insert the link, and then go to ‘Edit’ at the top of the topic page. 
  2. Choose ‘link’ or ‘quote’ and then with the manual option enter the url, then click on ‘Done’. 
  3. Click on Publish Changes: Wikipedia will ask you if it’s a minor change (punctuation only) or not. 
  4. Since it is the insertion of a link, you will have to be added to the special observations. 
  5. Now the link is under review and the encyclopedia will decide whether to publish it. 
  6. To be less suspicious, create an account on Wikipedia and also insert other corrections on other pages: even better if you create an account some time before suggesting a new url, and he waits for some time.
  7. In this way, when you report the new url that refers to your site, you will probably have more chances of being accepted without too much suspicion.

Dead Link

The Dead Link strategy allows you to report a new url to replace an old url now without any destination (marked in red). Found the dead link in the topic that interests you, click on Edit Source, click on External Link, enter your url, click Done.

Missing quotes:

  1. Another strategy that allows you to get backlinks from Wikipedia is to insert the sources of the missing citations. 
  2. Missing citations are marked in yellow in the text. 
  3. The procedure for inserting them is the same as for the dead link.
  4. You need to find the page of interest with the missing citations, look for an article where to add a quote, click on Edit, then on Cite, Manual and then on Website. 
  5. Now a forum opens where you have to fill in the reference website, title, access date and then click on Done.