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7 Marketing Ideas To Promote The Use Of Digital Currencies

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For how long do you find the marketers of any company standing out of your home, knocking on the doors with those big company product hampers? It is tough to meet someone like this as it used to be part of conventional marketing methods. The era has begun for digitalization in everything, and therefore, one can leave nothing non-digitized.

These days, with a click, companies can send their product details to anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Say thanks to the internet, and feel grateful for the digitized devices! Perhaps digital advertising is a worldwide wonder today and yet an efficient way of reaching target audiences.

Well, if the transaction is digital, people would prefer to pay digitally. Considering this perception, technology geeks introduced us to the concept of cryptocurrency after knowing and using debit/credit cards, NetBanking, and Payment applications. A cryptocurrency refers to a mode of exchange where an individual can store virtual coins in an online digital ledger that runs on computerized-based cryptography software.

You should know that the cryptocurrency is similarly safe, as your cash in the bank. With time, there is a constant rise in digital advertising. From quarter one to quarter two of 2019, there was a surge of 6.7% in digital advertising revenue, reveals the half-year report of IAB.  

All those marketing experts would have to work to find some coherent steps to motivate the use of cryptocurrency. Whether your coin is competitive and captivating enough, you will need a robust cryptocurrency marketing strategy. The users of blockchain wallets have jumped to 40 million according to Statista, and they are reluctant to inspire from conventional methods. In this guide, we have compiled seven marketing ideas to promote the use of digital currencies. Take reference from this guide set to start with advertising your cryptocurrency and hitting hard on the right target audiences.  

1. Inbox Messaging

Nothing is better than approaching the audience directly. What are the chances of people who would read an email till the end? What are the chances of reaching your flyers to the correct crowd or community? Instead, sending direct text messages to people on their mobile phones is a better option. The text message could reach potential users more precisely and are likely to receive genuine responses. Sending messages in someone’s inbox is a potent way of advertising digital currencies. 

All you need is the collected data of mobile numbers of people whom you feel to convince for using cryptocurrency. For conducting a successful messaging campaign, you can use a software or application. Also, if the potential target audience is enormous, hire an SMS marketing company. This way, you can reach more people potentially, do not involve in a much more complex procedure, and save lots of money. 

2. Telegram App

Till the time you read this article, you might have thought of no other use of the Telegram App except for downloading movies. However, no need to feel petite now because of not knowing its use as a marketing tool. Telegram messages are highly encrypted with a self-destruct feature. The application is cloud-based software, so an individual can access messages from multiple gadgets. The app has a forever free API and Protocol with no promotional ads, subscription fees, and whatever. 

The channel features on Telegram lets you create a discussion channel for group discussions and forum discussions. People can join the channel by clicking on the public link. Link Building Agency can let you create the best public link. The fastest message-delivering app helps marketers to create awareness about cryptocurrency use. They not only create brand awareness but a loyal community, too! So what else do you know about the Telegram App? 

3. Online Communities

The digital world has a lot going on. From basic necessities like food, clothing, and rentals to not-so-basic things like cars, movie tickets, essential oils, and spices- there is nothing the internet would not sell you. While you are reading about approaching people for making them use digital currencies, It would be better if the marketing professionals spread the word amid online communities.

Usually, people holding similar interests come together on such platforms and collectively build online communities. Online marketers can strike platforms like Quora and Reddit for promoting cryptocurrency usage. These platforms have very productive online communities that bind brilliantly for doing something productive and fruitful.

Alexa claims that Reddit ranks in the 21st position for a globally visited website and ranks 6th for website visits in the US. By creating online forums, more people could partake in daily, weekly, or monthly discussions on cryptocurrency. Also, a platform like Quora, which has answers to almost all the questions, can help solve the doubts about the use of digital currencies.  Marketers can answer and convince people to buy a blockchain wallet. 

4. Social Media Advertisements

There is nothing social media cannot do for you! Whether it is chatting with your best friends or knowing the live status of people, from finding your old schoolmates to making new professional connections, social media can cater to everything. Similarly, you can use social media to promote your coin online. Take help from Google Plus, or create a Facebook Page and start posting about the digital currency regularly. More people will get encouraged to join the page and stay updated.

Also, other social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter might also help you with selling your coin. You can create separate accounts dedicating it only to one purpose, and that would advertise the digital currency only. A profound social media marketing strategy supports you considerably in building a cryptocurrency audience. You can take professional services from a company that will build crypto coin advertising strategies for YouTube, Pinterest, or Reddit too! 

5. Display Ads

How many like me get interrupted while playing games on the smartphone with those pop-up ads? Let us give it a better name, well, say, display advertisements. Display advertising is a form of paid advertising method to promote products and services on other popular platforms. Elaboratively saying, in a display marketing campaign, an ad pops up in the form of an image, audio, text, video, flash, or flyer on other authentic websites or applications on one’s phone. 

Through display advertising tactics, you can release a teaser of how to use your crypto coin and release it through some relevant sources online on smartphones. People who use these websites or applications will find information about your digital currencies. Something eye-catchy always attracts. Startups can advertise their cryptocurrency through display advertising campaigns. The chances of getting recognized for your crypto coin are more on a display network rather than on the search network. 

6. Bitcoin Communities

If you want to market to a specific community for a particular purpose, You should think ahead of Quora or Reddit. You must have heard of the official Bitcoin community, haven’t you? The Bitcoin community is a union of cryptophiles, digital currency enthusiasts, crypto coin users, tech professionals, and digitally savvy people. Promoting your coin in such a cryptocurrency-oriented community is a sure-shot marketing strategy! 

As for the Bitcoin community, there are plenty of other communities that allow new coin offerings and further promotion. To promote a new coin, you initially must find genuine websites and be a member. Take part in their ongoing discussions and gain their trust. Once you do it, you will have room for talking about your cryptocurrency. Remember, the older the community is, the better coverage for your trustworthy target audience can get out of it.

7. Email Marketing Campaigns

Another form of direct marketing is email marketing. You send a simple text with no colors on somebody’s phone, and you send an email with all colors, what’s better? Perhaps you know the answer! Email marketing campaigns are becoming widely famous among marketers. Depending on how qualitative the campaign is, one can convey the coin with ease. People get touched by the quality represented in any form, and that’s the reason your one email would work for you! 

For a real and impressive email marketing campaign, you must make a list of individuals who have a sincere interest in digital currencies. Add them to the campaign and start shooting relevant emails. Ensure that your email speaks a lot about your coin but remains to the point. Any moment it sounds uninteresting and your entire email marketing campaign could fail.

Final Words

Here it is, all you wish and want to do for marketing and promoting the use of digital currencies. Besides opting for these seven marketing ideas, many companies also go for Bug Bounty Programmes, Affiliate Marketing, Reputation Management, Paid Promotions, Press releases, and Website Advertisements. 

While you are busy developing your new coin, think parallelly about its marketing to make it more successful than one of the competitors! Surely, you will be an extraordinary marketer by following these incredible ideas. If nothing from above helps you, try taking help from a marketing company.