8 Advanced Link Building Techniques to Improve Your SEO

Advanced Link Building Techniques
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Google algorithms are evolving and will continue to grow. This is why link building remains one of Google’s top factors in their algorithms. One of the many SEO tactics being used today is link building because the number of links will indicate to Google that your site is a valuable reference worthy of citation. As a result, sites with more backlinks will rank higher.

Nowadays, many marketers are aiming to have their site be at the highest ranking in SERPs. So, if you are looking for techniques to improve your SEO, then you’ve found the right article.  Learn and apply the 8 advanced link-building techniques.

8 Advanced Link Building Techniques to Improve Your SEO

The following are 8 advanced link building approaches that were carefully evaluated among numerous advanced techniques to ensure that they would effectively boost the quantity and quality of traffic:

1. Using Infographics

Website visitors are typically more attracted to visual representations because it tends to be more comprehensive and easier to understand. So, it is strongly encouraged to experiment with a new platform in creating your content or guest posting by incorporating infographics

For example, your target visitors are senior citizens. Considering that most of them already have problems with reading, it is advantageous to provide them with content containing infographics.

Aside from being entertained by the graphics, they could also gather pieces of information. Also, based on research, it has been found that 65% of the general population are visual learners.

2. Reclaiming Links

Link reclamation is the most basic and concise link-building technique available to any website. The goal of link reclamation is to reclaim a backlink (that is broken or removed) back to your previously available site. 

You can use Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer for this. All you need to do is type in your brand and check if there are any mentions you could find across the site. If you do so and find out that the page provider hasn’t provided a link back to your website, you can communicate with the publisher to request a link back.

Moreover, you could set up Google Alerts to receive email notifications whenever your website or brand is mentioned on the web.

3. Baiting Influencers

Baiting influencers can be used in different circumstances and is also a proven performer in performance-based SEO link building. Interaction is the key to achieving this technique. As many people follow influencers, asking for a link back is greatly beneficial for your site. 

The objective is to engage with an influencer and establish a connection. Employing amusement will boost your chances of eliciting a response. Hence, you must first offer something of value in return (a compliment, ranking, or a shoutout) before earning a link to your website. 

4. Creating Better Content

This means to be many times better than all existing content on the web. Doing something entirely exceptional is the strategy. Of course, the techniques that you’ve learned from the Skyscraper are applicable.

Whenever you apply the tactic, always keep in mind that the highlight is about becoming the greatest of the best, and practicing it in any circumstance could help you ace this technique.

Creating Better Content

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

5. Using the Skyscraper

The skyscraper technique would require you to consider more time and resources. The idea revolves around building great content that is compatible with a backlink.

This technique will encourage you to do a little better. For starters, you need to find a piece of highly ranked content. Then, look for a keyword you’d like to outrank. After that, create a better version of the content.

To make the content better, you could include a video, publish it in longer-form content, or add useful images.

6. Sharing Expertise

This means sharing ideas in your field of expertise. The technique is one of the most effective ways to build links and recognition. With this, people will believe that you updated on the latest trends happening in your industry.

They will appreciate your willingness to share ideas and to inspire and educate readers in your industry. Eventually, they will automatically link back to you as a reference since it will also help them improve their content.

Contributing content SEO for SaaS companies could be a great example of this technique. Perhaps, you are knowledgeable in Microsoft because you’ve been using it for a long time now. Sharing your experiences on how Microsoft tremendously helped you in marketing could earn you high recognition from the company itself, thus creating many backlinking opportunities.

7. Conducting Studies

Conducting research or study is one of the most popular advanced link-building tactics because it can become a good reference for other content. The goal is to conduct research or surveys to get data that will answer industry questions or aid your target audience in better understanding the topics that they interested in.

For instance, you are in the milk industry, particularly for toddlers in Ontario. You surveyed parents on their preferable infant formula for their toddlers in Newmarket, The Nation, and Halton Hills (the popular towns in Ontario).

After gathering enough data to support your hypothesis, you can publish it on your website. With this, you can already earn links. If you want to create a follow-up post for additional backlinking chances. You can email other industry professionals who might be interested in providing feedback on this research.

8. Utilizing Promotional Database Strategy

When you’ve engaged yourself before with influencers and thought leaders to earn links, building a database with them strongly encouraged. In this technique, you need to keep strong relationships with them. Doing so will earn you great numbers of backlinking opportunities.  

This strategy can be a cyclic process and is very effective. Each time you want to promote newly posted content, following up with influencers and experts in your network for support could amplify your site, which immediately increases traffic in an instant. 

The rules of link building may evolve as Google algorithms continue to develop but its goal will always be the same, which is to attract relevant audiences from industry authority sites. There are still more link-building techniques that you are going to discover online but the 8 previously mentioned are the most effective. Start improving your website traffic through link building.

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