5 Key Elements to A Successful Link Building Campaign

It’s every marketer’s dream to have a successful link building campaign. Who wouldn’t? With link building being the single most crucial factor in SEO rankings, it is something that is sought out. The problem is, it’s not that easy of a pursuit. It is challenging, tedious, and ultimately, requires a lot of hard work.

Link building itself is already exhausting. So, it is necessary to make use of all the help you can get. That includes getting advice that would narrow down what you should do and will bring you closer to a successful manual link building service campaign.

Before you pick up anything, read on further to know the five key elements to succeed in link building. Forget everything else, just not these five crucial criteria.

Evaluate Resources

Number one on the list is to understand the resources you have at your disposal. With link building requiring a lot of hard work, it is going to demand a budget and other forms of resources such as link building tools as well.

It is important to know how much you are willing to spend and how far you will go with your campaigns. This will allow you to create the best type of strategy given the situation. Because you don’t want to invest too much in one step of the entire journey, only to later find out that there is nothing else left for the rest of the steps of your strategy.

Among the valuable resources that you need to keep an eye on are:

  1. Money – the budget involved to purchase all necessary resources and keep the strategy afloat.
  2. Time – how long are you willing to see results? Are you in it for the long-term? Is it crucial for you to see short-term outputs immediately?
  3. Effort – Do you intend to spend your entire day on link building or are you busy doing something else? In your strategy, how frequently will you be present?
  4. Manpower – the workforce needed for your strategy, which includes content creators, researchers, and marketers.

Assess Current Link Opportunities

You just don’t realize it, but there are a lot of things around you that can help in your link building endeavors. It is important to identify what these are because they can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, opportunities can come in different forms and vary by industry, so there is no encompassing advice on what to keep an eye on. Though, there is one general rule of thumb: evaluate contacts and people around you.

Somebody may seem like a normal acquaintance, but they can be running a blog or website related to your industry. There are more of them than you’d realize. It is just a matter of taking a much closer look at what you already have instead of concentrating all efforts on reaching out.

Identify Link Building Assets

Link building is not just about where to put your links, but creating quality links as well. Because your goal should be to add value to your backlink so that it can make the most impact in terms of SEO and could be easily accepted by sites you are reaching out to.

With that said, you need to identify the strong suits of everything that you have at your disposal. You may have a skilled content creator or a social media savvy individual in your team. Regardless of what that may be, an exceptional skill that stands out is something you can use to improve your link building.

Understand What’s Working Now

Observe the current market and understand what are the things that are working. The sooner you realize what are the approaches that are commonly implemented, the easier it is to narrow down what you are going to do for yourself.

By knowing what is currently working, you no longer have to go in the industry blind. You know where to begin and you significantly narrow down the need for trial and error. Not only does it allow you to have a much better strategy, but also saves you on unnecessary expenses either from preliminary strategies or losses.

It’s simple logic. Adopt what’s working and stay away from all that is failing.

Create A Potential Workflow

You now have a clear image of everything you are working with. You know your available resources, opportunities you can use, assets you can exploit, and current market availability. The next thing is to come up with a way to use them all in the best manner possible.

All your resources are not going to mean anything if they are randomly used. They may lead to results but are not going to be the best. Going back to the basics, link building is a systematic approach. It is a constant pursuit, so the right utilization of resources can either make or break your link building success.

In Conclusion…

These five key elements are not all that there is in the world of link building. However, they are the most important and are going to set the pace for your progress. Rest assured, you are off to a great start as long as you practice them.

Failure to stay true to these concepts will lead to one thing, and that is always finding yourself back at the start. You are not going to find any discernible progress and you are constantly investing in failure. 

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