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Tracking the impact of each piece of content can be challenging

Tracking the impact of each piece of content can be challenging.

Though there are numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you measure success, it can be difficult to determine which metrics actually matter.

If you are having a tough time deciding which KPIs matter, this article might help you.

Here are some of the most important content marketing KPIs you should track:

1. The Amount of Traffic to Your Site

Does your content attract new viewers and increase the amount of traffic to your site?

Tracking website traffic can help you determine how many users visit your site and where they come from. You can analyze what kind of content generates a greater number of views so that you can create that type of content more often.

Tracking this KPI can also help you identify channels that drive the maximum amount of traffic to your site.

2. Time Spent on Page

Tracking the amount of time users spend on a particular page or article can help you analyze how engaging your content is and whether it provides value to them.

They will only spend a long time on your web pages if they find value in the kind of content you have to offer.

3. Social Shares and Engagement

Your audience is more likely to like, comment on, and share your content if they find it helpful and valuable.

Greater user engagement indicates that your audience is able to resonate with the content you create and publish on social media.

You can identify topics that your audience prefers to read about and create more valuable and engaging content related to them.

4. Number of Inbound Links

How many websites link back to your published content?

Tracking the number of backlinks can help you determine the quality of your content. If high-authoritative sites are linking back to your content, it means that your content is insightful.

Backlinks can not only help you drive referral traffic, but they also show Google that your content is trustworthy. This can help you improve your search rankings.

These are some of the content marketing KPIs you can use to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

To learn about other KPIs, check out the infographic below.