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Seo optimization, what it is and what it is used for

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SEO optimization

Anyone with a website knows the importance of SEO optimization well.

Obviously, however, doing search engine optimization requires certain knowledge, as well as a continuous update on the sector that is evolving (also following the changes of the Google algorithm). But what is SEO, and what do we refer to when we talk about optimization?

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates to ‘ search engine optimization ‘. It is a set of practices that aims to improve the content of the site in order to position it as high as possible in the SERP, or in the complex of results that are found when you search on Google with a keyword.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization so it’s really an issue of fundamental importance for a site, be it a blog, a portal, a newspaper or e-commerce, because you can be found more easily by potential customers and such.

SEO optimization practices do not end in finding and using the keyword by which to pursue optimization but is also structured in the HTML code, in the structure of the site, in the management of inbound and outbound links to the site, in the same textual content which must be made qualitatively adequate and which must also be optimized from an SEO perspective.

In short, SEO optimization is a complex and fascinating topic that every webmaster should always know.

How SEO works?

The SEO is complex enough to know it is necessary to study it and practice it and always up to date.

The Search Engine Optimization activity requires several stages, first of all, we must try to understand what the ranking values ​​are. The ranking consists of the way in which Google continues to reconsider what are the tools for considering the indexing of sites. Google has a constantly evolving algorithm and therefore being able to always understand what are the criteria with which it enhances the sites is not easy.

That said, to do SEO optimization you have to choose keywords that are the means by which you will index. The choice of keywords passes through the analysis of the competition to be able to optimize texts and sites taking them into consideration. They should not be too generic or too rare and specific because they would be little sought after.

We must try to find the right balance between research and the keyword. For example the keyword ‘hotel’ is inflated, the keyword ‘hotel with indoor swimming pool in Melegnano’ is rare. Finding balance is the key to SEO optimization.

 SEO on-page and off-page

When it comes to SEO, the issue of on and off-page SEO must also be addressed. The on-page SEO consists of the SEO optimization intervention. That is done directly on the texts and content of the site. On the HTML code and on the image content. Of particular importance is the creation of content that Google perceives as ‘of value’ for the user. That is, of high quality, updated and original, and also formatted in an orderly way. If the ranking changes quickly, it never changes the fact that Google rewards content that is really high quality. In addition, on-page SEO  is also influenced by other elements such as the speed of loading the site. The age of the domain. 

The SEO off-page is the search engine optimization is done off-site, ie by means of backlinks and outbound links. One of the best strategies for off-page SEO optimization is that of guest posting. That goes hand in hand with creating content that is truly valuable and useful for all users.