Link Building: 3 tips for truly effective backlinks

The link building is an activity SEO crucial for you to get more traffic to their site and to improve the position in SERP Google.

However, if after setting up a link building campaign and waiting for some time you do not notice any results or worse you have experienced a deterioration in positioning, there is probably a problem with the quality of the backlinks.

Generally, buying guest posts on external sites ( you can find more than 160 here ) is an SEO Off-Page strategy that works great if done well and managed by expert hands because it allows you to improve the positioning of the target site, but in some cases, problems may occur, especially if the acquired links are of poor quality or when you have made mistakes with the anchor texts.

Let me be clear, for poor quality links I do not mean links from generalist sites rather than themed sites, I mean “chocolate” links regardless of the type of site of origin.

link building

In this case, in addition to the damage of not receiving any increase in organic traffic and not positioning on search engines, you can also risk more: a penalty by Google.

To avoid this problem there is only one solution: pay close attention to the quality of the backlinks when doing link building.

Speaking of quality, there would also be a lot to say about the eternal diatribe link from themed sites VS links to generalist sites, but I will devote more detail to this in one of the next articles. Just anticipation: Ansa, Corriere, Repubblica, are all generalists: do you find that a link from these sources is not good for your sites? In the answer to this question, there is already a first summary answer to the dilemma of the century. As far as I’m concerned, the motto “if it’s good, it can be useful. “

3 Tips for Truly Effective and Zero Risk Backlinks

As we said, when doing link building it is of fundamental importance to take care of evaluating the quality of the incoming links and eventually correcting the errors through the so-called link pruning. To do this, some parameters must be taken into account:

The naturalness of the link: no to forced anchors

The link must be as natural and useful as possible: if Google perceives that it is forcibly inserted into the article or guest post, then it certainly will not reward it.

Absolutely to avoid links on anchor text style “see money buy camel”:  you are not foreigners for only three months in Italy!

Just to understand: linking on anchor text like “Plumber Rome prices”   and the like, in the medium and long term it may not lead to anything good, … to put it mildly.

To make a natural link, you can help yourself with what I call the “this article” technique:  it is a matter of adding the two aforementioned words to the anchor text, for example, “this article on the prices of renovations in Rome” (rest assured, at the level, in the long run, nothing changes from using the extremely dangerous anchor text “Rome restructuring prices”).

The use of the term “this article” in the anchor will help you or better oblige you to construct a logical and sensible sentence in which the anchor text will be natural and perfectly contextualized, such as “To get an idea of ​​the costs, we recommend reading of this article on the prices of renovations in Rome published by xyz.tld, website of one of the best-known construction companies in the capital ”.

In place of “this article” you can also use “this site”, the concept remains the same (eg “to get an idea of ​​the latest trends in fashion take a look at this site specializing in the sale of trendy women’s clothing “).

Pay attention to the anchor text, you need consistency

The choice of the word to which the link is linked also has fundamental importance: avoid forcing keywords, because they can be suspicious to Google.

The anchor text must be consistent both with the meaning of the sentence in which it is included and with the target that is going to link.

To be clear: a phrase like “To open an SEO agency must possess VAT …” might rather link to a resource that explains what it is and what makes an SEO agency but NOT you should never link to the site of your SEO agency that way!

You could do it instead in the event that the anchor was inserted in a completely different phrase, such as this one: “As we learn from the website of the SEO Agency that took care of its positioning …”.

Do you want another example? here it is: it is a real sentence contained in a guest post received some time ago by a customer.

This is his phrase with his anchor text in bold: ” 4 days may be enough to visit Barcelona, ​​which you can quickly reach with Ryanair flights practically in all cities of Spain.”

What about anchor text and how a human mind could have given birth to such a phrase?

This is the phrase/anchor that I have rewritten to make the guest post public: ” 4 days may be enough to visit Barcelona, ​​a city that you can quickly reach from many Italian airports through low-cost flights operated by companies such as Iberia, Vueling, and Ryanair. Regarding the latter, it seems that in this period the company is offering particularly advantageous rates, offers which also mentioned on the pages of its website in the Ryanair Flights section  “

As you can see there is a difference, a lot of difference. When you link always think, the brain always-on. Focus on the question of the questions: “do you understand that I bought this link?” If the answer is YES then that link is not good. If you realize it, imagine Google.

The consistency of the anchor text is FUNDAMENTAL for a quality link building. Because incoherent anchor text often leads to penalties for unnatural links.

Unfortunately, this of the coherence and naturalness of the link is a point on which many continue to make mistakes, and errors. I see also made by numerous web professionals. Perhaps dictated by a not deep enough knowledge of that complex SEO activity called Link Building.

Positioning the link on the page

Since the link should be, at least technically, a tool for deepening content, putting it in the title is not credible at all. It should be inserted with the utmost naturalness in the text and always where it is useful to the user, never forcefully place links or outside their context.

The link building is a very useful and extremely effective tool but only if well designed and made by very experienced hands, otherwise, you could really do a lot of damage.

Any suspicious and forced behavior suspects Google, which instead always rewards quality, to encourage a good user experience: always taking into account when inserting backlinks.

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