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Having a web page without content does not make sense, especially if we want it to appear among the first Google results. To carry out an adequate SEO positioning strategy, it is highly recommended to include the Blog section on the website and update it frequently with previously thought-out articles. And this is not as simple as it seems. However, if you want to learn about the relationship between an SEO Consultant in Lahore and Content Marketing, you have come to the right place.

In this article I am going to explain different concepts and how you can use content marketing to improve SEO positioning.

What is SEO?
The Search Engine Optimization is known in Castilian as search engine optimization , organic positioning or natural positioning . This term encompasses the optimizations and actions that are necessary to get a web page to be placed among the first results of the different search engines. Usually, these actions are directly related to the “ Google requests ” that are known through the updates of its algorithm . When I speak of “requests” I mean those aspects regarding the technical aspect or regarding the web content that Google values ​​or vetoes.

What is content marketing?
When we talk about Content Marketing we refer to the technique of creating and distributing valuable content with which we can attract, attract attention or convince a previously defined target audience. The ultimate goal of this digital marketing discipline is to convert and convince that audience into a future customer.

These contents must be attractive, entertaining, and interesting for our public. Obviously, they can – and should – report on business services, but it must be done in a very subtle way and not look like an advertising attack.

How can content marketing be used to improve positioning?
SEO Consultant in Lahore and content marketing are two elements that complement each other. When you work harmoniously and comprehensively with a complete marketing strategy, better results are achieved. Google rewards those web pages with a very high volume of content as it considers them interesting for users. Content that must meet certain characteristics and parameters for Google to prioritize it over competitors.

If you think about the structure of a company website, the service pages and the home page are limited. Therefore, the contents and keywords that we can attack through them would not be enough to get the first Google results. At this point, content marketing comes in.

Including a Blog section within a business website allows you to produce content with a certain frequency that will help organic positioning. Why? The articles published on the blog allow attacking different interesting keywords to improve the positioning of the web, which are very difficult to position simply with the service pages. Blog articles can generate interest that a service page can’t. At the same time, with these articles the average time of stay of the user on the web is improved and the bounce rate is reduced, important elements for SEO marketing.

Steps to create a Content Marketing strategy
Know and define the target audience
The first step in creating an SEO Consultant in Lahore and Content Marketing strategy is to analyze the focus of the business or company to know exactly who the target audience or buyer persona is. This is useful both to know what type of content you can offer such as format, style, and tone.

Who is the target audience, what behaviors do you have, what are their interests and what opinion do they have of the products are some of the questions that must be answered to establish a typical user. Building the buyer persona is complicated and requires demographic information, behavior, needs, and motivations over time.

Keyword Research
The keyword search is the basis of SEO positioning. It is very difficult to increase traffic and improve positioning if you do not have a previously established keyword strategy. These keywords differ by two factors:

According to user intention. In turn, they can be informative (for example, “how to create a web page”); transactional (“buy book on web design”) or navigational (“NeoAttack”).

According to search volume. This category differentiates these keywords based on the number of searches around them. In this case they are divided into three groups:

Head: a high volume of searches and a lot of competition. For example Marketing, SEO Consultant in Lahore, or Social Networks.
Middle Tail: those more specific searches. For example Content Marketing, Marketing Plan, SEO Tips, or SEO Agency.
Long Tail: More specific searches, with little competition and that are usually transactional. For example, how to make a Marketing Plan or how to make a strategy in Social Networks. The Long Tail is fewer searches, but are easier to the position having less competition. Also, the conversion is higher.
To do the Keyword Research you must select your competition and see what are the keywords for which they are positioned. It is important to vary between the head and long-tail keywords to carry out a compensated strategy.

Editorial calendar creation
The editorial calendar must be established in the long term, at least six months and must include different aspects that will determine the success of the publications.

In the first place, it is important to take into account Keyword Research to select keywords with a logical method: vary the categories and avoid the key terms from becoming repetitive. In addition, it is interesting to create something seasonal or motivated by a date from time to time. For example, an ecommerce can take advantage of Christmas or Valentine’s Day to offer some content related to your business and these unique dates.

Select the type and format of the content
When you talk about content, you are not just talking about text. Videos, images or infographics also fall within the possibilities of SEO Consultant in Lahore and content marketing. Both the type and format of these will depend on the nature of the company and the target audience. Addressing a 15-year-old girl is not the same as addressing a company manager.

Thus, it is interesting to analyze the competition and study the different possibilities that exist. Some of the types of content that generate the most interest and traffic are:

Articles: A blog based on the theme of the company and that may interest the target customer. Articles with news, tips, advice, tutorials or lists of interest.
Downloadable guides or ebooks: a very interesting format that helps to generate new records on the web.
Podcasts: Online radio is booming and very attractive to the public.
Videos: the ideal for SEO positioning is to upload them to the YouTube platform and link them on the web. In addition, the content spoken in a video can be transcribed into an article and two content is achieved with just one.
Infographics: Infographics are used to explain a concept in a simple and attractive way. In addition, like videos, they increase the time spent on a website.
Other formats for content marketing: We must take into account other media, such as social networks, mobile applications or forums, to carry out a content marketing strategy adapted to the possibilities they offer.

Promote content
To give this content a boost, we can always use different free channels to reach more people. For example, social networks, content aggregators or email marketing.

Analyze and measure results
To achieve good results in an SEO Consultant in Lahore and content marketing strategy, it is very important to measure, analyze, and control the results. This serves to continue with the same strategy or modify certain aspects. The behavior of users; the number of visits; the length of stay or the origin of the traffic obtained are some of the KPIs that cannot be ignored.

Keys to writing articles optimized for SEO Positioning
The next key step in a harmonious joint SEO and content marketing strategy is knowing how to write content. That is, to know what are the parameters that Google values ​​and rewards with the intention of complying with them in the face of web positioning.

The first step is to select the corresponding keyword from the editorial calendar with its previously established focus and title. To position this keyword , we must rely on different keywords and related long tail . The first paragraph is the presentation of the article and in many cases it will depend on whether the user remains on your website or not.

Eye-catching title
The title should attract the user’s attention and motivate the click. In addition, it must include the main keyword.

Keyword density
The main keyword must be repeated throughout the text without exceeding 2%. This percentage can be verified with tools like SEO Quake.

Length of texts
Around 1,500 words is the ideal extension for an article that we want to position among the first results. However, the minimum to write is 300 words.

Although we write for SEO positioning, Content Marketing exalts valuable content and this is not true when there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or lexical inconsistencies. It is important to review and reread an article before publishing it.

Header Tags
The structure of the article helps SEO positioning and improves a lot when the H1, H2, H3 … tags are used for titles and subtitles.

Tags Title and Meta Description
The Title is the title that users see in the search engine results. It helps to get the click, the positioning and the CTR . The main keyword should be included as far to the left as possible. Meanwhile, the Meta Description helps the CTR since, if a user uses them when making a query, these keywords will appear in bold, which will stand out from the rest of the pages.

Friendly url
The urls should always be as less confusing as possible and avoid the use of unimportant words, prepositions or determiners.

Internal and external linking
It is very interesting, logical and a way to improve the length of stay if we link different concepts with entries or web pages. It also improves the positioning linking to high authority domains.

Audio content
An ideal complement to the text and that improves SEO positioning. Remember to compress the images before posting them.

And you, how do you see the relationship between SEO and content marketing?
It is very likely that I have left some things in the inkwell. For example, it is important to take into account a whole series of technical adjustments on the web that directly affect SEO positioning. In this article, you can get an idea of ​​the optimizations I’m talking about.

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