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Reasons to Send your Children to Private Schools

The choice of a school impacts the quality of a child’s education. Thus, a parent should only consider the best Private school for their child.

Did you know that the choice of a school can influence your child’s attitude towards education? Especially for a preschool, a parent should seek to provide the best available school as this forms the base of a child’s education. You will agree that quality comes with a price, and hence, for quality and impressive educational background, a parent should send their child to a private school.

There are two categories of the school; private and public school.

· Public Schools

A public school is a school that depends on state funds, more of a government-owned school. These schools offer education for all children in a country without charge.

·  Private Schools

A private school is a school that is wholly supported by payment of school fees. That is, it doesn’t depend on public funding.

Some of the distinguishing features of the public and private school include;

1) School Entry

The state funds public schools; hence, there is no limit on the kind of child admitted to the school; it allows all. But a private school has criteria for admitting new learners. For instance, most private schools will require a child to pass an interview before admissions.

2) Class Size

Due to the lack of a limit on which child could join a public school, there is often crowding in the classrooms. It is not a wonder to find a class of 40 learners. A private school in Ahmedabad may have a class with 10-15 learners.

3) Funding

As discussed earlier, public schools are sponsored by state funds, while the school fees’ actual payment supports private schools. It is no secret, therefore, that a private school is more expensive.

4) Curriculum

As public funds wholly sponsor a public school, its curriculum is limited to the state’s guidelines. In contrast, a private school as a private entity offers a comprehensive curriculum as it does not depend on a state’s funds. Therefore it is not limited to the country’s guidelines.

5) Teachers

A public school requires teachers who are certified and therefore conduct background checks to ascertain this. Private schools do not stress having certified teachers. However, they only hire highly qualified teachers who may even hold master’s degrees.

So, why should you send your child to a private school? Here are some of the reasons why;

1) Individualized Learning

Private schools in Ahmedabad have a small number of children per class. Therefore, a teacher can interact with each child and quickly identify each learner’s strengths and weaknesses. The teacher may then decide to offer one on one assistance to the learner. Individualized learning is effective because learners express themselves freely to the teacher, unlike in a whole class setup, giving the teacher insights on how best to help. One-on-one learning may not be possible in public schools due to a large number of learners in a classroom. Individualized learning is most productive as it seeks to improve each learner’s academic performance and prowess.

2) Quality Teachers

A privately owned school is like a business. So as a business, how best to attract and retain more customers other than providing quality services? The satisfaction of parents and satisfactory academic performance is a priority for the schools. Therefore, private schools have rigorous recruitment procedures for teachers. Although they are not strict on hiring certified teachers, a teacher has to be competent enough to meet the school’s minimal requirements. There is a quick replacement for unproductive teachers; hence teachers strive to give their best to the learners, which is good news for you as a parent.

3) Excellent academic performance

What do you expect from a school with individualized learning and quality teachers? The answer, of course, is good grades. Compared to public schools, private schools in Ahmedabad produce better academic performance, which gives them a competitive advantage during career choices and job placements. Learners who have been in private schools are outstanding even during job hunting. So, choosing a private school gives your child a ‘push’ towards the best career of their choice.

4) Parents Involvement

As a parent, you would want to be involved in your child’s education as much as possible. Private schools ensure that they update parents regularly on a child’s progress. For instance, they organize regular parent-teacher meetings and academic clinic days, to mention a few. Parent involvement in a child’s education is essential as it motivates the learners and gives a teacher a better understanding of the learner. So, for parents looking to walk with their child in every step of the academic journey, private schools are the way to go.

Giving your child a better shot in choosing the best career for themselves is a parent’s priority. And this is possible by sending your child to a private school. A private school offers individualized learning with quality teachers for excellent academic performance while involving the parents.